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    1. The first 9/11, unlike the second, did not change the world. It was “nothing of very great consequence,” Kissinger assured his boss a few days later. And judging by how it figures in conventional history, his words can hardly be faulted, though the survivors may see the matter differently. These events of little consequence were not limited to the military coup that destroyed Chilean democracy and set in motion the horror story that followed. As already discussed, the first 9/11 was just one act in the drama that began in 1962 when Kennedy shifted the mission of the Latin American militaries to “internal security.” The shattering aftermath is also of little consequence, the familiar pattern when history is guarded by responsible intellectuals.
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    1. Meanwhile, Amazon and other ebook retails are pushing full-steam ahead to promote AI-generated content at the expense of real authors and artists. Publisher who actually pay authors and artists and editors now have to compete with AI-generated material churned out in bulk and sold at 99 cents. And while it is easy to shrug this off if you are outside the industry and claim, "Well, the cream rises to the top," anyone that has been around the industry long enough knows that what rises to the top is what Amazon's algorithms push there. And the AI bots are much better at manipulating the algorithms that real people.

      Amazon care about money; they don't care about humans.

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    1. We’re over a year into the AI gold rush now, and corporations using top AI services report unremarkable gains, AI salesmen have been asked to rein in their promises for fear of underdelivering on them, an anti-generative AI cultural backlash is growing, the first high-profile piece of AI-centered consumer hardware crashed and burned in its big debut, and a bombshell scientific paper recently cast serious doubt on AI developers’ ability to continue to dramatically improve their models’ performance. On top of all that, the industry says that it can no longer accurately measure how good those models even are. We just have to take the companies at their word when they inform us that they’ve “improved capabilities” of their systems.
    1. "The problem is that even the best AI software can only take a poor-quality image so far, and such programs tend to over sharpen certain lines, resulting in strange artifacts," Foley said. Foley suggested that Netflix should have "at the very least" clarified that images had been altered "to avoid this kind of backlash," noting that "any kind of manipulation of photos in a documentary is controversial because the whole point is to present things as they were." Hollywood's increasing use of AI has indeed been controversial, with screenwriters' unions opposing AI tools as "plagiarism machines" and artists stirring recent backlash over the "experimental" use of AI art in a horror film. Even using AI for a movie poster, as Civil War did, is enough to generate controversy, the Hollywood Reporter reported.
    1. despite Rus’s assurances, people do fear that robots and AI will steal their jobs, or at best demote them to underlings. To counter this dystopian idea, Rus contends that technology usually creates jobs: between 1980 and 2015, for example, computers eliminated 3.5 million jobs but generated 19 million new ones. Perhaps so, but were these good jobs? Quality should count as much as quantity. And for every inspiring new application of robotics in the book, Rus includes another idea that made me cringe. On one page, she describes a smart glove that could help an elderly stroke victim regain the use of her hands and write a birthday card to a grandchild. Wonderful. Then she talks about adapting the glove for children, to take control of their hands when learning to write and circumvent the hard work of mastering this skill. Dreadful. In spite of her warnings about the need to properly train robots and AI systems, she seemingly forgets that human muscles and nerves need training as well, and that failing and flailing are integral parts of learning. Short-circuiting that process has a cost. Such lessons apply to adults, too. As much as I’d love to turn all yard work over to feral Roombas and never rake leaves or shovel snow again, such chores do instill discipline and pride. They’re also forms of physical activity, something most of us need more of. Indeed, it would be one thing if people offloaded tedious chores to robots and spent their free time hiking mountains or running marathons—but lying on the couch eating potato chips seems likelier. We’ve all seen the human blobs of Wall-E.
    1. and driven by data

      This is insanity; to say turtl is the only 'content creation platform' that's 'backed by data' is complete hogwash.

      This is marketing fluff at its worst: a lie.

    2. Turtl is the only content creation platform backed by psychology

      This is marketing fluff and hyperbole; I'll believe this claim when I see proof that they've examined every single 'content creation platform'.

      For example, Microsoft Office apps could be considered part of a 'content creation platform'. They're partly built via UX research and feedback via people who are trained in psychology. This simple fact shows turtl as unreliable.

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    1. We can't use algorithms to filter for quality because they're not designed to. They're designed to steer you towards whatever's most profitable for their creators.That puts the onus on us, as users, to filter out the noise and that is increasingly difficult.
    1. Last year after talking for a while with someone during a conference they asked me for my LinkedIn to be able to connect with me, to which I answered I didn't have one. It was many years ago when I decided to leave social media. I don't miss it. Instant messaging allows me to keep in touch with the people that really matter to me in a much more personal way. Still, this interaction stayed in the back of my mind. It would indeed be nice to keep track of these connections too. The people you had an interesting conversation with for just a few minutes. To be able to check how they're doing every now and then, who they're working for and what they're hacking on. Essentially I would like for everyone to have an online profile and feed, which I could easily check and subscribe to, and that this subscription data could be stored locally. Why should that be exclusive to social media? It's not. In fact, the feed part has already been solved for quite a long time with RSS/Atom. So by just having the URL for someone's RSS/Atom feed, you can add it to your feed reader and easily follow the person's updates wherever they're published to.
    1. "The Curse of Recursion: Training on Generated Data Makes Models Forget," a recent paper, goes beyond the ick factor of AI that is fed on botshit and delves into the mathematical consequences of AI coprophagia: https://arxiv.org/abs/2305.17493 Co-author Ross Anderson summarizes the finding neatly: "using model-generated content in training causes irreversible defects": https://www.lightbluetouchpaper.org/2023/06/06/will-gpt-models-choke-on-their-own-exhaust/ Which is all to say: even if you accept the mystical proposition that more training data "solves" the AI problems that constitute total unsuitability for high-value applications that justify the trillions in valuation analysts are touting, that training data is going to be ever more elusive.
    2. Botshit can be produced at a scale and velocity that beggars the imagination. Consider that Amazon has had to cap the number of self-published "books" an author can submit to a mere three books per day: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2023/sep/20/amazon-restricts-authors-from-self-publishing-more-than-three-books-a-day-after-ai-concerns
    3. For people inflating the current AI hype bubble, this idea that making the AI "more powerful" will correct its defects is key. Whenever an AI "hallucinates" in a way that seems to disqualify it from the high-value applications that justify the torrent of investment in the field, boosters say, "Sure, the AI isn't good enough…yet. But once we shovel an order of magnitude more training data into the hopper, we'll solve that, because (as everyone knows) making the computer 'more powerful' solves the AI problem"
    4. As the lawyers say, this "cites facts not in evidence." But let's stipulate that it's true for a moment. If all we need to make the AI better is more training data, is that something we can count on? Consider the problem of "botshit," Andre Spicer and co's very useful coinage describing "inaccurate or fabricated content" shat out at scale by AIs: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=4678265 "Botshit" was coined last December, but the internet is already drowning in it. Desperate people, confronted with an economy modeled on a high-speed game of musical chairs in which the opportunities for a decent livelihood grow ever scarcer, are being scammed into generating mountains of botshit in the hopes of securing the elusive "passive income": https://pluralistic.net/2024/01/15/passive-income-brainworms/#four-hour-work-week
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    1. terinföra möjligheten att utvisa utlänningar av bristande vandel

      Enligt SAOB betyder "vandel":

      sätt att leva sitt liv ur moralisk syn­vinkel

      Med andra ord: du skall kunna utvisas på grund av hur du lever ditt liv ur moralisk synvinkel.

      Detta är alltså vad Moderaterna, Sverigedemokraterna, Liberalerna och Kristdemokraterna står för år 2022.

    1. Use Glaze, a system designed to protect human artists by disrupting style mimicry, to protect what you create from being stolen under the guise of 'training AI'; the term should really be 'thievery'.

    1. For the past three years, Fox News has been obsessed with “wokeness.” Since the aftermath of GeorgeFloyd’s murder by police in May 2020, Fox News personalities and guests have applied the label “woke” toa staggeringly wide array of topics. Few entities have escaped the network's demonization, from themilitary to M&M’s, New York prep schools to NASCAR, social media to mall Santas.The progression of “woke” from its origins in the Black community to its eventual status as a conservativedog whistle has been well-documented, yet right-wing media — including Fox News — can’t seem to settleon a definition. However, the lack of a clear definition hasn’t stopped Fox from indiscriminately throwing“woke” at hundreds of things.The problem is a two-way street: Fox personalities struggle to define “woke” because they have attributedthe term to nearly everything under the sun, stripping it of any meaningful definition and surrendering itto right-wing dog whistles. In doing so, Fox News has solidified the word’s status as a derisive catch-all foranything involving marginalized groups or progressive policies, arguably increasing its effectiveness as ameans of inspiring outrage among its audience.Here is a list of over 200 things Fox News personalities, guests, and writers have called “woke.”
    2. Fox News can't define 'woke' and use the term everywhere.

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    1. Fifteen months into the regulatory review process, Figma and Adobe no longer see a path toward regulatory approval of our proposed acquisition.Figma and Adobe have reached a joint decision to end our pending acquisition. It’s not the outcome we had hoped for, but despite thousands of hours spent with regulators around the world detailing differences between our businesses, our products, and the markets we serve, we no longer see a path toward regulatory approval of the deal.



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    1. 1995 fick Bandidos MC sin första svenska avdelning, då Helsingborgs-baserade Morbids MC uppgraderades efter ungefär ett år som hang-around-klubb. Etableringen sågs inte på med blida ögon av konkurrenten Hells Angels, som hade varit det första av enprocentsgängen att slå sig ner i Norden. En våldsam konflikt utbröt mellan Hells Angels och Bandidos, som kom att kallas “det nordiska mc-kriget”. Elva personer inom gängmiljön dödades, liksom två utomstående som inte hade med konflikten att göra2. “Kriget” ledde även till 96 allvarligt skadade per-soner och 74 utredningar om mordförsök. Händelserna fick naturligtvis stor uppmärksamhet och utrymme i debatten. 1997 upphörde konflikten som en följd av det fredsavtal som slöts mellan mc-gängens ledare.
    2. I denna rapport vill Acta Publica med exempel från närtid visa på hur organisationen och dess medlemmar är djupt involverade i grov kriminalitet, utifrån några olika områden. Det första är sprängningar, där det kan nämnas att en slutsats som Polisen drog efter att ha analyserat materialet från Encrochat6 var att mc-gängen är självförsörjande på och har ständig tillgång till sprängämnen.
    1. COMMENTS BY REVIEWER AI have studied this manuscript very carefully withlemon juice and X-rays and have not detected a singleflaw in either design or writing style. I suggest it bepublished without revision. Clearly it is the mostconcise manuscript I have ever seen-yet it containssufficient detail to allow other investigators to repli-cate Dr. Upper's failure. In comparison with theother manuscripts I get from you containing all thatcomplicated detail, this one was a pleasure to examine.Surely we can find a place for this paper in theJournal-perhaps on the edge of a blank page.

      Flawless bullshitting.

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    1. They are about 1% smaller than universal ZIP files

      Is this on average? The examples below differ around 33% in size.

  10. Sep 2023
    1. From 2014 to 2017, we led the W3C Web Annotation Working Group, helping to develop the vocabulary, data model, protocol, and recommendation that resulted in the standard for web annotation.
  11. May 2023
    1. Atypical restraint on compensation increases has been evident for a few years now and appears to be mainly the consequence of greater worker insecurity. In 1991, at the bottom of the recession, a survey of workers at large firms by International Survey Research Corporation indicated that 25 percent feared being laid off. In 1996, despite the sharply lower unemployment rate and the tighter labor market, the same survey organization found that 46 percent were fearful of a job layoff.
    1. So when Alan Greenspan was testifying before Congress in 1997 on the marvels of the economy he was running, he said straight out that one of the bases for its economic success was imposing what he called “greater worker insecurity.” If workers are more insecure, that’s very “healthy” for the society, because if workers are insecure they won’t ask for wages, they won’t go on strike, they won’t call for benefits; they’ll serve the masters gladly and passively. And that’s optimal for corporations’ economic health. At the time, everyone regarded Greenspan’s comment as very reasonable, judging by the lack of reaction and the great acclaim he enjoyed. Well, transfer that to the universities: how do you ensure “greater worker insecurity”? Crucially, by not guaranteeing employment, by keeping people hanging on a limb than can be sawed off at any time, so that they’d better shut up, take tiny salaries, and do their work; and if they get the gift of being allowed to serve under miserable conditions for another year, they should welcome it and not ask for any more. That’s the way you keep societies efficient and healthy from the point of view of the corporations. And as universities move towards a corporate business model, precarity is exactly what is being imposed. And we’ll see more and more of it.

      Noam Chomsky on Alan Greenspan's ideas on 'worker insecurity'.

  12. Apr 2023
    1. A conclusion from the cohort study is that women’s and men’s careers develop in a relatively similar way, but that on average it takes a year or so longer for a women to become employed as a professor.
    2. A central question asked by many, and which has also been topical for this study, is why the proportion of female professors is so low, when the proportion of women and men is equal in other employment categories and among doctoral degree holders.What are the differences between women’s and men’s routes to employment as a professor? Will any differences between women and men be equalised over time? Another question is whether more women than men leave higher education and, if so, does this explain why there are fewer women than men at professor level? The expression “the leaky pipeline” is often used for this phenomenon. A follow-up question is whether women and men leave higher education for different reasons and, if so, what are these reasons? We also asked the question whether the small proportion of women at professor level is due to differences between the conditions in different scientific fields, or if it is due to circumstances within each field? The Swedish Research Council’s follow-ups show that women apply for research grants aimed at junior researcher to a lesser extent than men do. We asked the question why this is so?
    3. The study also shows that, in all scientific fields, women face more challenges than men do.
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    1. Unable to see a previous version of your file? The revisions for your file may occasionally be merged to save storage space. Note: If you don't have permission to edit a file, you won't be able to see the version history.

      In other words, Google Docs can't be relied on for versioning.

    1. I årets rapport redovisar vi för andra gången även en statistisk sammanställning av den rasideologiska miljöns poddutgivning.
    2. Ytterhögern har genom Sverigedemokraterna reellt politiskt inflytande medan de mer radikala grupperna, som den här rapporten berör, hoppas kunna rida på vågen av ett hårdnat samtalsklimat där deras idéer inte uppfattas som lika extrema som tidigare.
    3. För första gången i efterkrigstid har den rasideologiska miljön en realistisk chans att påverka det politiska och det offentliga samtalet. Genom att pressa på Sverigedemokraterna – som i sin tur behöver positionera sig som det mest radikala alternativet i exempelvis migrationsfrågor – så kan den politiska spelplanen öppnas för extremhögerns idéer och policy. Det ingjuter hopp och självförtroende i en rörelse som annars haft svårt att mobilisera sina anhängare.
    4. Även pandemin har skapat problem. Som vi kunnat konstatera i tidigare rapporter hade extremhögern över hela världen svårt att navigera politiskt under pandemiåren. Det gick inte att skylla problemen på de gamla vanliga syndabockarna som minoriteter eller en politiskt korrekt elit. Skulle man haka på konspirations-teorierna om vaccinet, eller följa riktlinjer för att hålla smittota-len nere? Vi kan idag konstatera att den konspirationsteoretiska linjen till slut fick flest anhängare inom extremhögern. Under början av 2022 hittade också extremhögern ett sätt att politisera pandemifrågan, när de anslöt sig till protesterna mot vaccinpass. Men sammantaget kommer de rasideologiska grupperna stukade ut ur pandemins isolering.
    5. Stora delar av den rasideologiska miljön uppfattar Vladimir Putins politiska projekt som en motvikt till EU, liberalism eller ”globalism”. Därför har nyhetssajter och organisationer i miljön knutit band till Ryssland och spridit den ryska regimens narrativ.
    6. Rysslands anfallskrig mot Ukraina har splittrat den rasideologiska miljön. De flesta grupper undviker att ta tydlig ställning. Men i ett försök att framstå som en balanserande kraft i det offentliga samtalet sprider de högerextrema medierna ett okritiskt pro-ryskt narrativ om kriget och krigets orsaker. Det gör den rasideologiska miljön till en tummelplats för rysk desinformation och påverkan.
    7. iskerar att öka motivationen hos enskilda personer eller aktörer att begå ideologiskt motiverade våldsdåd
    8. Avståndet mellan den rasideologiska miljön och SD minskar.

      'The divide between the race–ideological environment and the Sweden Democrats is narrowing.'

    9. Tidigare år har den svenska extremhögern dominerats av den nazistiska gruppen Nordiska motståndsrörelsen. Nu är NMR bara en i mängden av betydelsefulla aktörer.
    10. När den par-lamentariska vägen är stängd för extremhögern återstår att fort-sätta opinionsbilda och försöka påverka Sverigedemokraterna.
  14. Feb 2023
    1. Also, what’s a good book to start with if I want to read more James Tate? Thank you for your music and its endless place in my life. 21 u/dcberman David Berman Jul 15 '19 Thank you. With Tate just go get "Selected Poems". It changed my thinking as sure as the Butthole Surfers did* I recomend reading the last three chapters of Otto Rank's Art and Artist, especially "the artist's fight with art".
    2. My only question: What is one book or record that has moved you emotionally in the past year? PS: I read somewhere you weren't much of a movie guy. I'm not either. But, I recommend watching Paris, Texas starring Harry Dean Stanton (if you haven't seen it already). It reminded me of you and your writing. Cheers. 15 u/dcberman David Berman Jul 15 '19 Diary of a Man in Despair by Friedrich Reck-Malleczewin. A for me, heretofore unseen view of Germany in the thirties and forties by a bavarian "landed aristocrat" choking down extravagant contempt while he watches it all go to hell.
    3. Also, do you have any book recommendations for someone about to start college? 72 u/dcberman David Berman Jul 15 '19 edited Jul 15 '19 I'm with-holding. ​ ​ Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton Complete Emily Dickinson
    4. What is your favorite book/novel? Do you have any recommendations for us? 26 u/dcberman David Berman Jul 15 '19 Ill recommend a Robert Stone short story i go back to re-read every year at least once. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1987/06/08/helping-2

      David Berman on a fave book.

    1. Conservative estimates suggest thatthe failure of timely contact tracing due to the data glitch is associated withmore than 125,000 additional infections and over 1,500 additional COVID-19-related death
    2. Our most conservative point estimates imply that the data glitch isdirectly associated more than 120,000 additional infections and over 1,500 addi-tional COVID-19-related deaths

      The results from using the old version of Microsoft Excel.

    3. Case information was truncated from an Excel spreadsheet after the row limithad been reached

      The reason for deaths.

  15. Jan 2023
    1. a challenging macro environment

      I wonder if this is à la Google. From the twitter thread:

      Pretty incredible that Google is trying to get away with blaming macroeconomic conditions for their layoffs, when over the last year they’ve spend 57.36B on stock buybacks.

      That’s enough to support the 12,000 laid off engineers at their median engineer compensation for 23 years.

    1. The popular recommendation is that there should be between 40 and 75 characters per line. The findings of multiple studies conclude that "short line lengths are easier to read". Regarding learning and information retention: "Subjects reading the narrow paragraphs had better retention than those reading the wide paragraphs"
    1. Research has shown that limiting the width of longform text leads to a more comfortable reading experience, and better retention of the content itself.
  16. Dec 2022
    1. Blackstone

      Some important points about Blackstone:

      • In separate cases in 2018 and 2019, the hotel chain Motel 6, owned by Blackstone, agreed to settle for a total of $19.6 million for giving guest lists to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) without a warrant.
      • The company has invested in companies with links to the commercialization and deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.
      • In 2019, a United Nations report found that Blackstone's massive purchasing of single-family homes after the financial crisis of 2007–2008 had "devastating consequences." The report alleged that Blackstone had abused tenants with exorbitant fees, rent hikes, and aggressive eviction practices, and that Blackstone's real estate practices had a disproportionate impact on communities of color, in part because the company targeted foreclosures resulting from subprime loans.
      • In July 2020, Blackstone invested US$200m in the Swedish oat milk brand, Oatly, for a 7% stake in the company, triggering outrage among some segments of its customer base.
  17. Nov 2022
    1. The EU is considering whether the potential successor of PSD2 (PSD3), should be a regulation as opposed to a directive. Regulations are directly incorporated into member state law, which would shorten the timespan in which the PSD2 successor becomes effective law and promote increased standardization across member states. But there’s still a long way to go until this legislative process will be completed.
    2. Australia completed a phased timeline of open banking development in February this year
    3. According to a Mastercard study in 2021, the UK and Nordics were the leaders of the open banking revolution in Europe, thanks to a high number of well-functioning bank APIs, progressive regulators, and consumer readiness.
    1. Once the API portfolio has been categorised the next step would be to label them according to potential commercial structures.Generally speaking, the main recognised categories are:1. Free APIs2. APIs in which the users are charged3. APIs in which revenues are shared4. APIs in which the intermediary (TPP) is charged5. Indirect revenu

      API categories, according to Mobey.

    2. Open Banking (and later Open Data) can only realise its full potential if organisations big and small persistently invest in making it better and more useful over time. The most efficient and effective way for that to happen is if there are self-sustaining market economics that reward those who do.
    3. A report on how it's possible to make money off of open-banking APIs.

  18. Oct 2022
    1. 65% plan to reduce their non-essential spending over the next 12 months, for example by cutting out takeaways and cancelling subscriptions
    2. people across these markets told us they plan to take drastic action to rein in their spending, as well as turning to a range of third parties for financial support. Among those they would most likely turn to are their banks and other financial providers.
    3. in July 2022 we worked with Opinium Research to survey 7,000 consumers across key European markets – France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK
    4. As this report highlights, the majority of people in the UK have now swapped their preference for in-branch banking for a digital-first service.
    1. den som långvarigt befinner sig i Sverige ska ta ansvar för att bli en del av samhället

      Exakt vad betyder detta?

    2. återkallande av uppehållstillstånd i fler fall

      Det står inget om varför detta skall ske. Det står bara att det kommer att ske.

      Snacka om att ledas av sverigedemokraterna.

    3. utvisning på grund av bristande vandel

      Enligt SAOB betyder "vandel":

      sätt att leva sitt liv ur moralisk syn­vinkel

      Med andra ord: du skall kunna utvisas på grund av hur du lever ditt liv ur moralisk synvinkel.

      Detta är alltså vad Moderaterna, Sverigedemokraterna, Liberalerna och Kristdemokraterna står för år 2022.

    4. intensifierat återvändandearbete

      Statlig propaganda? Tvångsdeportationer? Båda två? Påminner om historia som Sverige borde ha undsluppit, inte gått rakt emot.

    5. förstärkta möjligheter till inre utlänningskontroller

      Exakt vad betyder detta?

    6. ökad användning av biometriska data i utlänningsärenden

      Den blå regeringen vill sannolikt lättare kunna spåra individer genom att lagra DNA och annat biometriskt material som kan användas emot folk och deras släkt.

      Jag undrar hur Sverigedemokraterna kan tänkas vilja använda DNA.

    7. Skatten på arbete sänks med inriktning på låg- och medelinkomsttagare, liksom skatten på pension. För att stötta hushållen ytterligare sänks skatten på sparande. Hushållen kompenseras för de höga elpriserna och drivmedelspriserna sänks kraftigt, bland annat genom att reduktionsplikten sänks till EU:s miniminivå.

      Den sista meningen är den enda som förklaras. Hur ska de förstnämnda sänkta skatterna kompenseras? Med andra ord, hur ska staten tjäna in pengar på skattesänkningarna?

      Dessutom, reduktionspliktens sänkning är oerhört farlig ur klimatperspektiv.

      Inget nämns om transporter.

    8. fler omhändertaganden enligt LVU

      Varför ska antal omhändertaganden enligt LVU öka?

    9. ökat föräldraansvar,

      Exakt vad betyder detta?

    10. anonyma vittnen
    11. visitationszoner
    12. effektivare hemliga tvångsmedel

      Vad betyder detta?

    13. kriminalisering av deltagande i kriminella gäng

      Undrar om ekonomisk brottslighet menas. Den utgör minst 100 miljarder kronor per år, alltså minst 1,8% av sveriges BNP, medan flyktingimmigration kostar cirka 1,0% av sveriges BNP; observera att flyktingimmigration bidrar till sveriges BNP, vilket ekonomisk brottslighet aldrig gör.

    14. dubbla straff för gängkriminella

      All vetenskap pekar på faktum, nämligen högre straff inte sänker brottslighet. Läs Henrik Tham, professor emeritus i kriminologi, som 2022-09-05 skrev "Straff har blivit målet istället för medlet".

      Från artikeln:

      Vilka förväntningar kan vi då ha på mer straff? Forskning från Sverige, Norden och andra länder visar entydigt att längre straff inte har en avskräckande effekt. Det betraktas som ett kriminologiskt grundfaktum. Behandling kan i bästa fall ge små positiva effekter i form av minskat återfall för mindre grupper men påverkar inte brottsnivån. Enskilda gärningspersoner kan oskadliggöras genom långa frihetsstraff, men inkapacitering bestämmer inte våldsnivån i samhället. Brottsligheten avgörs helt enkelt inte av variationer i straff. I Sverige har brottsligheten historiskt bestämts av förhållanden som befolkningsutveckling, svält och varubrist, migration, alkoholpolitik, tillgång på konsumtionsvaror och arbetsmarknad.

    15. Företagsbeskattningen ska vara konkurrenskraftig

      "Konkurrenskraftig" brukar vara högerspråk för att vidare ge företag fördelar medan fattiga individer försvagas.

      Sverige har under de senaste 25 åren urholkats till förmån för rika, och detta underlättar saken. Från min egna bloggpost som citerar ekonomijournalisten Andreas Cervenkas bok "Girig-Sverige":

      Sweden has undergone extreme change in the last 25 years. Where I guess most people around the world believe Sweden to be a socialist haven, check out this list of changes:

      • 1997: wealth tax was abolished for owners of more than 25% of stock in public companies. This occurred after pressure from, among others, Stefan Persson (owner of H&M; he's now the wealthiest person in Sweden)
      • 2003: owners with more than 10% of stocks in a company wouldn't have to pay taxes on dividends and sales
      • 2004: the inheritance tax was abolished
      • 2004: the tax on gifts was abolished
      • 2006: the tax on dividends for sole traders were, in some cases, lowered from 30% to 20%
      • 2007: the wealth tax was abolished
      • 2008: the property tax (in per cent) was abolished and replaced with a set cost that in 2021 was 8,524 crowns (about 850 euros)
      • 2008-2012: the company tax was lowered from 28% to 22%, and somewhat later, once again lowered, this time to 20.6%
      • 2012: investment savings accounts (ISK) was introduced. Profits and pay-outs are tax-free and taxes are replaced by a lump sum.
    16. Den övergripande inriktningen för den ekonomiska politiken under mandatperioden ska vara att motverka arbetslöshet och stärka Sveriges tillväxtförmåga.

      Med tanke på nästnästa mening i detta stycke betyder detta att bidragstagare ska piskas och företag skall få det lättare.

    17. Arbetslinjen kommer att stärkas genom en stor bidragsreform med bl.a. bidragstak och aktivitetskrav för den som lever på försörjningsstöd.

      Ingen kan förstå detta.

      "Arbetslinjen" är troligtvis alla arbetare i Sverige.

      Om det stämmer kan en skriva om meningen såhär:

      "De individer som i dag tar emot statliga bidrag kommer att mötas av sänkta maximala bidrag. Dessa bidrag kommer att sättas hårt och inte kunna förändras. För att få bidrag måste individer aktiveras enligt våra krav."

    1. Naturskyddsföreningen är starkt kritisk till den tillträdande regeringens programförklaring. – Jag känner mig både besviken och djupt oroad. Utifrån vad som hittills framkommer så verkar det vara väldigt tunt med politik som tar itu med miljöproblemen. Istället riskerar problemen att förvärras med de åtgärder som läggs fram, säger Karin Lexén, generalsekreterare Naturskyddsföreningen i ett pressmeddelande. Enligt programförklaringen ska miljöprövningen av vattenkraft pausas. – Det är oansvarigt. Omprövningen av den svenska vattenkraften genomförs för att förse kraftverken med moderna miljövillkor, det är ett måste för att Sverige ska kunna leva upp till sina internationella åtaganden om skydd av biologisk mångfald och EU:s vattendirektiv. Sverige har vid upprepade tillfällen fått kritik från EU-kommissionen i frågan, säger Karin Lexén.
    2. Men förutom elektrifieringen nämns inget om transporter som står för en stor del av Sveriges nationella utsläpp, cirka en tredjedel. Det brukar lyftas fram som ett nyckelområde när klimatmål ska nås. – Jag är väldigt förvånad att transporter inte får ett enda ord i avtalet och närmast bestört över att det inte är ett av de sju prioriterade områden som lyftes fram, säger Mattias Goldmann, klimatexpert och en av grundarna till 2030-sekretariatet.
    1. Anonyma vittnen ansågs inte förenliga medEuropakonventionens bestämmelser eftersom det uppstår problem med att behålla enanonymitet för vittnet samtidigt som försvaret/åtalad ska få en rättvis rättegång (ibid, 320).
    2. Frågan kring införandet av anonyma vittnen har aktualiserats flera gånger i Sverige men ejansetts genomförbart “utan att komma i konflikt med de grundläggande principerna för etträttssamhälle” (SOU 1998:40,310).
    1. Manne Gerell, docent i kriminologi vid Malmö universitet, forskar bland annat kring gängvåld och utsatta områden och även kring polisens brottsförebyggande arbete.– Visitationszoner har införts i till exempel Danmark och England, men forskningen kring det visar att de inte gett någon större effekt på gängbrottsligheten. Inte heller har nämnvärt fler beslag av vapen och droger gjorts jämfört med tidigare, säger han.
    2. Stop-and-search zones in Sweden mane no difference and cause innocent people to feel harassed.

    1. Vilka förväntningar kan vi då ha på mer straff? Forskning från Sverige, Norden och andra länder visar entydigt att längre straff inte har en avskräckande effekt. Det betraktas som ett kriminologiskt grundfaktum. Behandling kan i bästa fall ge små positiva effekter i form av minskat återfall för mindre grupper men påverkar inte brottsnivån. Enskilda gärningspersoner kan oskadliggöras genom långa frihetsstraff, men inkapacitering bestämmer inte våldsnivån i samhället. Brottsligheten avgörs helt enkelt inte av variationer i straff. I Sverige har brottsligheten historiskt bestämts av förhållanden som befolkningsutveckling, svält och varubrist, migration, alkoholpolitik, tillgång på konsumtionsvaror och arbetsmarknad.

      Detta motbevisar Moderaternas pressmeddelande från 2022-10-14, där de beskriver att Moderaterna, Sverigedemokraterna, Kristdemokraterna och Liberalerna kommer att framtvinga "dubbla straff för gängkriminella", vilket är antiintellektuellt och antivetenskapligt.

    1. Marvin Gaye has a brief six-page file, which details an incident that followed him not being paid for a concert. Jimi Hendrix has a file including documents related to a pot bust in Canada. Mariam Makeba, an anti-apartheid activist who was married to Stokely Carmichael,  has a 292-page file which details the couple’s every move, including buying new home appliances.
    2. The FBI declined several requests to comment for this article.  Among the documents obtained by Rolling Stone —some of which are newly declassified— is a 1968 document discussing funeral plans for Martin Luther King Jr., calling it a “racial situation.” It further notes “Sammy Davis Jr., Aretha Franklin…of this group, some have supported militant Black power concept…[performance at MLK memorial by these prominent entertainers] would provide emotional spark which could ignite racial disturbance in this area.” The agency also tried and failed to connect Franklin to the Black Liberation Army and other so-called “radical” movements. In one case, the FBI detailed her 1971 contract with Atlantic Records “just in case” agents could link Franklin’s business dealings to the Black Panther Party.  Another document titled “Possible Racial Violence” describes an incident in August 1968 when Franklin canceled a show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver, Colorado. According to local news reports at the time, fans engaged in a “20-minute melee” and  “broke chairs and music stands, damaged a grand piano, and even set fire to trees, bushes and trash piles.”
    3. From 1967 to 2007, the Federal Bureau of Investigation methodically collected information about Aretha Franklin using false phone calls, surveillance, infiltration, and highly-placed sources, according to the documents obtained in September by Rolling Stone.  Franklin’s FBI file — first requested in via the Freedom of Information Act on Aug. 17, 2018 —  is 270 pages long, peppered with phrases like “Black extremists,” “pro-communist,” “hate America,” “radical,” “racial violence,” and “militant Black power” and overflowing with suspicion about the singer, her work, and the other activists and entertainers with whom she she spent time. Some documents are heavily redacted and others indicate that there may be additional materials in the FBI’s possession. Rolling Stone has requested the FBI make available any and all additional records.
    1. Fourth, students seemed reluctant to come to the office seeking help. They also failed to use with great frequency the able and congenial peer tutor assigned to the course. I suspect there is an increased factor of intimidation associated with being lost in the material and asking a much older male professor for help.

      I wish more people would ask for help more often.

      People often like to help others.

      There should be no shame in asking for help.

  19. Sep 2022
    1. Consumers expect ever easier and faster services. The SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme delivers these by enabling pan-European credit transfers with the funds made available on the account in less than ten seconds.
    1. In Finland, the RF reference is formed on the basis of the Finnish reference number.Structure of the RF reference is as follows:RFXX1234561

      RF remittance information.

    1. Bara sedan 2016 har Anders Hultin plockat ut 9,4 miljoner kronor som aktieutdelning samt tagit ut ytterligare tre miljoner i lön.
    2. Svensk vård och skola har blivit en guldgruva för riskkapitalister. Ett av de tydligaste exemplen heter Anders Hultin. Han blev känd för en vidare krets efter att Aftonbladets ledarsida uppmärksammat att han taktlöst lagt ut en bild på ett sjuhundrakronors vin på Facebook och texten: "Because I'm worth it". Då hade han som vd för skolkoncernen John Bauer precis ansökt om konkurs. 14 500 elever förlorade sina skolor och deras lärare hade blivit arbetslösa.Men Anders Hultin gick det, som han själv konstaterade, ingen nöd på. För en billig peng kunde han köpa ut ett antal skolor ur det egna konkursboet och drev dem vidare i det nystartade bolaget Fria Läroverken.
    1. In a speech at a summer event in Romania on Saturday, the Hungarian far-right prime minister said migration has split Europe and the West in two, arguing that countries where European and non-European people mingle “are no longer nations: they are nothing more than a conglomeration of peoples.” “In the Carpathian Basin, we are not mixed race,” Orbán said, referring to a region shared by Romania and Hungary. “We are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become mixed race.”
    1. In a speech Saturday in Baile Tusnad, Romania, where Orban addresses a school program every summer, the prime minister's remarks were especially polarizing. He carped about "mixed-race" populations and the "flooding" of Europe with non-European migrants, and referred to the racist concept of "population exchange." ''There is a world in which European peoples are mixed together with those arriving from outside Europe,'' he said. ''Now, that is a mixed-race world.'' In the Carpathian Basin, however, people are not mixed-race, he said: ''We are simply a mixture of peoples living in our own European homeland. ... We are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed-race.''
    1. Pollin: Neither negative emissions technologies nor nuclear power can likely contribute significantly to building an alternative global clean energy infrastructure. Indeed, it is more likely that they will create still more severe problems. Let’s start with nuclear.

      Notes on some problems with continuing to use nuclear power instead of switching to clean power.

    2. Renewable energy critics argue that wind and solar are not reliable sources because of their variability. Others argue that wind farms encroach on pristine environment and destroy a country’s natural habitat, as is the case with the installation of thousands of wind turbines on scores of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. How would you respond to such concerns, and are there ways around them?
    1. Nedan visas de topp tio viktigaste politiska frågorna enligt svenska folket.

      The ten most important political matters according to the Swedish people (according to a Novus survey from August 2022).

    1. Sverigedemokraterna

      Number of parliamentary candidates that are connected to criminal biker gangs. This is only for the parliamentary election in 2022.

      Sverigedemokraterna make up 59% of the list; see the table on page 16 of this report.

    2. De politiska partierna

      Number of parliamentary candidates that were connected to criminal biker gangs in the last five elections.

      Sverigedemokraterna make up 58% of the list.

  20. Aug 2022
    1. 2014 stod de så pass nära att Ulf Hansen var en av gästerna på en privat maskeradfest hemma hos Jimmie Åkesson och Louise Erixon. Alltså bara ett drygt år efter att Hansen visat sitt stöd för Hells Angels. Efter det kom Ulf Hansen allt närmare partiet. Hans bakgrund verkade inte vara ett problem. Inte heller den rasism han spred på nätet.  I mars 2015 postade Ulf Hansen ett inlägg med en länk till vit makt-filmen The End Game – Full White Genocide documentary. Konspirationsteorin om att det pågår ett folkmord på vita är central i vit makt-miljön och populariserades av den amerikanska terroristen David Lane. I anslutning till klippet som Ulf Hansen spred länkades till flera rasideologiska och antisemitiska sajter.
  21. Jul 2022
  22. Jun 2022
    1. LIST OF MILITARY RESOURCES REQUESTED TO BE PROVIDED IN SUPPORT OF PARAMOUNT PICTURES PRODUCTION BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 2018 AND JULY 2019. I. Based on the Paramount scripted titled "TOP GUN: MAVERICK", Commander, Naval Air Forces (CNAF), in concurrence with Chief, Navy Office of Information (CHINFO) and approval from Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs (ATSD-PA), is prepared to provide the following support: a. (b)(6) Assign a senior staff, post-command Officer to review with public affairs the scri 's thematics and weave in key talking points relevant to the aviation community

      The Pentagon helped to turn the film 'Maverick' into military propaganda.

      McLeod, Alan. 2022. “‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is Military Propaganda. Official Documents Prove It.” MintPress News. June 13, 2022. https://web.archive.org/web/20220617074530/https://www.mintpressnews.com/top-gun-maverick-military-propaganda-official-documents/281077/.

    1. Expected to come into force on June 27, India's new data retention law will force VPN companies to keep users' data - like IP addresses, real names and usage patterns - for up to five years. They will also be required to hand this information over to authorities upon request. 

      Some draconian Indian data-retention laws are coming.

    1. Adopt an API such as Akismet

      This is one reason for why I love Mataroa. The admin chooses privacy over an easily implemented solution. Brilliant.

  23. Mar 2022
    1. You should link abundantly to other content. Wikipedia articles provide some of the best examples of “every page is page one” style.
  24. Nov 2021
  25. dictionary.cambridge.org dictionary.cambridge.org
    1. an example of a product, especially a computer program or piece of recorded music, given or shown to someone to try to make them buy or support it: a software demo

      I prefer this to the Merriam-Webster definition.

  26. Oct 2021
    1. user n. When referring to the reader, use "you" instead of "user." For example, "The user must..." is incorrect. Use "You must..." instead. If referring to more than one user, calling the collection "users" is acceptable, such as "Other users may want to access your database."