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  1. Oct 2023
    1. Moloch is a coordination failure where rational choices of individuals produce positive short-term effects for themselves at the expense of producing negative long-term effects for everyone, i.e. self-termination of humanity. Thus, Moloch is a system dynamics that is a cumulation of all the n-th order side effects that result from the totality of all self-interested "intelligent" action of all humans.
  2. Sep 2023
  3. Feb 2023
    1. trans contextual is a beautiful word that my father used to describe the ways in which living systems occupy multiple contexts simultaneously
      • = transcontextual
      • Nora describes her father's definition of the word "Transcontextual"
      • as a living system that occupies many contexts simultaneously
      • for example, each human being is transcontextual
      • and can be a parent, a child, a boss, an employee, a soccer player, a driver, a reader, a listener, etc
      • Nora Bateson
      • great example of
      • warm data:
        • a doctor who used to visit her mother at her home home
          • the doctor's report of her mother's condition
          • make up the "cold data"
          • but it only told a part of the story
          • the other part of the story was not recorded in the formal medical transcripts
          • but was recorded in the living, breathing doctor
          • who experienced the conditions Nora's mother lived in
            • Was the room warm, or cold?
            • Was there a lot of family support?
            • Was there a lot of love in the human relationships? etc