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  1. Feb 2016
    1. Inchoate

      Kind of a joke. I spent one year at Choate. There was good stuff: PSSC physics. There was bad stuff: bully. Choate, unlike Bowdoin, does not consider me to be an alumnus.

    2. A few nodes on paper to contemplate

      I update this from time and time and keep a printed copy in my back pocket. It's I bunch of stuff I like to remind myself of.

    3. Generation Chronology

      I propose this as a thing. The idea is to create a list of people who have some significance to me whose lives overlap in time.

    4. Synod of Whitby

      Important to me because it looks like an significant date in the transition of Irish Christianity from the monasticism celebrated in Kenneth Clark's Civilization. For me the Irish monasticism focuses on Skellig Michael, most recently connected to the far, far away galaxy and Luke Skywalker

      Synod of Whitby at Wikipedia