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  1. Apr 2018
    1. mend pens

      During and before the time Pride and Prejudice takes place, the quill feather pen was very popular. Mending a pen is to turn a plain feather into a quill pen.

      (Jane Austen: Celebrating Bath's Most Famous Resident).

    2. piquet

      "A trick-taking card game for two players, using a 32-card pack consisting of the seven to the ace only" (OED).

    3. estimable

      "worthy of great respect" (OED).

    4. panegyric

      "A public speech or published text in praise of someone or something" (OED).

    5. alacrity

      "Brisk and cheerful readiness" (OED).

    6. avenue

      "The chief approach to a country-house, usually bordered by trees; hence, any broad roadway bordered or marked by trees or other objects at regular intervals. Sometimes used of the trees alone, with tacit disregard of the road they overshadow" (OED).

    7. pianoforte

      "A formal term for a piano" (OED). Though, it is smaller than a grand piano. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

    8. a reel

      The reel is a folk dance type as well as the accompanying dance tune type. In Scottish country dancing, the reel is one of the four traditional dances, the others being the jig, the strathspey and the waltz.