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  1. May 2017
    1. house was handsome and handsomely fitted up

      This saying refers to a home in the eighteenth or nineteenth century that had elegant furniture throughout the home; and elegant dishes and dinnerware. The servants lived in brand new liveries. (janeaustens world)

    2. sweetmeats

      "A piece of candy or a piece of fruit covered with sugar" (Merriam-Webster).

    3. barouche

      "A carriage with a half-head behind which can be raised or let down at pleasure, having a seat in front for the driver, and seats inside for two couples to sit facing each other" (OED).

    4. journey to London under her protection

      In the early 19th Century, a journey from Norland, Sussex (the fictional home of the Dashwood's) to London was a three-day trip. Travel was not safe; Marianne was also at courting age and needed a chaperone. Single women during this period of history had to have chaperones because they could not ever be alone with a man, unless it was for business.(ProQuest, Jane Austen, Lambdin, 2000).

    5. two-penny post

      "The London post (1801-1839) for conveyance of letters, etc. at an ordinary charge of twopence each" (OED).

    6. the footman

      "An attendant or foot servant; one employed to run ahead of or alongside a coach, carriage" (OED).

    7. veal cutlets

      "The flesh of a calf as an article of diet. A calf...as killed for food or intended for this purpose. Now rare. Chiefly in names of dishes. Made from veal, as veal pie, veal broth, veal cutlet, veal gravy" (OED).