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  1. Mar 2016
    1. Plantains nutrition facts

      A good next article for me to be annotating.

    1. Mariquitas are a traditional Cuban snack. Resembling what many refer to as “chips,” mariquitas are made with green plantains. They are thinly sliced then fried in hot oil and sprinkled with salt, creating an easy snack that Cubans love to enjoy while sitting or grab on the run.

      This page shows how to make mariquitas, a delicious snack made from green plantains in oil.

    1. Plantains are higher in starch than bananas, low in sugar and is similar to a potato in texture. Plantains have similar nutritive value as fresh bananas plus vitamin A, and are an excellent source of carbohydrates, according to the University of Florida Extension. Plantains are also a good source of vitamin C and are low in sodium and calories.

      Plantains are high in starch and low in sugar, but they are just as good for you as bananas, plus they are healthier! I love them!

    2. Green plantains taste more like a potato with a starchy texture. Because of this, plantains are not suitable for eating raw unless they're very ripe,

      Plantains look like bananas, but they are more like potatoes. They are starchy, and like a potato, you would want to cook them first. I love cooking plantains!

    1. In Cuba, plantain chips are called mariquitas. They are sliced thinly, and fried in vegetable oil until golden colored. They are very popular appetizers served with a main dish.[12]

      This is about where plantains and it come from Cuba.It is important because I really plantains and I wanted to know that.That connect to me because I make them in my house and I eat them all day that show I really like plantains

  2. Feb 2016
    1. In the Philippines, Banana cue is a popular snack. The portmanteau 'Banana cue' may be a misnomer as it is not really cooked in a skewer over hot embers like a barbecue. Rather, the peeled flesh of an under ripe plantain is fried in hot oil over medium fire before it is held in a skewer ready for sale. There are two ways to prepare a banana cue.

      The Philippines had eat that everyday that is really famous.It is important because it is famous in the world.It connect to me because I eat the plantains all day that is really crazy

    2. Plantains are also dried and ground into flour; banana meal forms an important foodstuff, with the following constituents: water 10.62%, proteins 3.55%, fat 1.15%, carbohydrates 81.67% and ash 3.01%. Dried plantain powder is mixed with a little fennel seed powder and boiled either in milk or water to feed small children till the age of one year in southern parts of India.

      Plantains are a dried food.That is important because people make them in that america my mom make that for me.That connect to me because I eat those everyday

    3. Plantains are a major food staple in West and Central Africa (Cameroon and DR Congo), Central America, the Caribbean islands and northern, coastal parts of South America (Colombia, Venezuela, etc.). Their attractiveness as food is that they fruit all year round, making them a reliable all-season staple food.

      Plantains are from Central America.This is important because I wanted to know where they from in the future.It is connect to me because I like plantain and this is really crazy

    4. Plantains contain more starch and less sugar than dessert bananas and are therefore usually cooked or otherwise processed before being eaten. They are always cooked or fried when eaten green. At this stage, the pulp is hard and the peel often so stiff that it has to be cut with a knife to be removed. Mature plantains can be peeled like typical dessert bananas; the pulp is softer than in immature, green fruit and some of the starch has been converted to sugar. They can be eaten raw, but are not as flavorful in that state as dessert bananas, so are usually cooked. When mature, yellow plantains are fried, they tend to caramelize, turning a golden-brown color. They can also be boiled, baked, microwaved or grilled over charcoal, peeled or still in the peel.

      Plantains has less sugar in them and they are dessert bananas.This is important to me because I eat them all day and also I cook them by myself.It connect to by me cooking them and that is really crazy that I cook them by myself and sometimes my mom is cook them for me.

  3. Jan 2016
    1. In Brooklyn, two gangs fight over one seven-story building in the Cypress Hills Houses. The gangs call themselves Cypress Hills Frontside and Cypress Hills Backside, police said.

      This is about two gangs was going at it.This is important because it is going around the world and in the Bronx.This connect to me because my friend live in their that is really crazy and I think she is endanger that is really crazy

    2. Street crews — some with members as young as 10 — can be found within spitting distance of each other in some neighborhoods. In Harlem, for example, the Air It Out Boys, the All About Money crew and the True Money Gang are fighting for control of the Johnson, Taft and Jefferson houses. The housing developments are all in an area bordered by E. 112th and E. 115th Sts. and Park and Third Aves.

      They doing that because that will protect they block.That is important because that going street crews.That connect to me because that is really happen on my block that is really crazy

    3. And when gunplay across the five boroughs turns deadly, gang members are quite often responsible, accounting for 130, or 40%, of the city’s murders this year, police said.

      Their was a lot of police in the city.This important because that on my block.It connect to me because people can not stop the crime that is going around the world and the Bronx

    1. Replay Cops escort 21 angry Bronx gang members charged with weapons possession, assault and more to federal court on Dec. 9, 2015.

      They should not have gang bangers that is really crazy that is why i`m not in a gang that is really crazy

  4. Dec 2015
    1. The uptick in violent offenses has led authorities to add more patrols to troubled neighborhoods. One area will be the 46th Precinct, in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx. No murders were committed in the precinct in 2015, but it has persistently high crime rates. Since 2001, murders have only declined by 18%, even lower than the 48th Precinct.

      I think 18% is a lot that is really bad for anyone like people like to kill people for no reason I that is really bad for the population for the world they had been no murders in the beginning of the world

    2. Cox’s death falls within the jurisdiction of the 48th Precinct, which has had two homicides already this year. Unlike other parts of the city, this area of the Bronx has not benefited from great declines in crime over the past decade. Murders are down 23% in the 48th between 2001 and 2014 — which is actually one of the lowest declines in the Bronx — while felony assaults (this category includes severe injuries from “deadly weapons”) are actually up 16% during the same period.

      A lot of people got killed in the Bronx and that is a bad thing for the Bronx that is really bad it is a deadly weapons in the world that is missing up the more people in the world that is really crazy

    3. Police hope that the new application will cut down on response times. This, they say, could aid victims and help officers discover evidence that could be used to apprehend assailants. “Technology such as the ShotSpotter system can only help our police department keep crime down in the Bronx and New York City,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. in a statement on the tool’s launch.

      They had a new application I think that is really bad

    4. Along with a decline in stop-and-frisks searches, the NYPD made changes to its protocols in arrests people for marijuana possession. Individuals found with less than 25 grams of the substance receive a summons instead of being taken into custody.

      Weed had been the cost of people dieing in the world and especially in the Bronx and Brooklyn

    5. Along with beefing up patrols in problematic areas, the NYPD announced on March 16th that it would be implementing ShotSpotter technology. The city is distributing hundreds of ShotSpotter microphone sensors in parts of the city. The device — which is already in use in places like Washington, D.C., Newark and Atlantic City — can detect a gunshot and send an alert to the NYPD, which would then send units to respond. The department will first use the software in five specific zones located in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

      The crime is going around in the world even in the Bronx

    6. In 2014, the NYPD also made two major adjustments to its arresting procedures. The first was after a federal ruling forced the department to reform its stop-and-frisk practices because it was deemed to be unconstitutional. This led to a 75% drop in stop-and-frisk searches in 2014. Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly was a big proponent of this strategy, saying it saved lives by taking weapons off of New York City streets.

      The nypd had killed someone for no reason that is that they take avange of there badge

    7. The Bronx has seen a bloody start to the New Year. Out of 11 murders, six were shooting related, with another three by a weapon other than a firearm. The most notable of these killings was when Michele Cox, a mother of five, was found gunned down execution-style in the stairwell of her Webster Avenue apartment building.

      It was a lot of murders in the world because that is really crazy that is really mean I hate the crime that is going around the world everybody hate when crime go on

    8. Despite a decline in overall crime rates since 2001, shootings and murders are on the rise in New York City. There were 149 shootings and 54 violent deaths (nine in the Bronx) by March 2nd of 2015, both up 20% from this time last year.  The New York Police Department has responded by increasing patrols in troubled neighborhoods and by installing ShotSpotter, a gun shot detection system, in areas of high gun violence.

      It was a lot of gun violence in the world people was killing people for no reason because that is important because they are getting killed for no reason that connect to me because sometimes that happen on my block that is really crazy that is why a lot was going around in especially in the Bronx and people just get killed for just saying hey that is really is happening in the Bronx that why a lot of people is die a lot of people that I stay in my place and don`t say nothing to nobody that is really crazy

    1. male and 19.6% were female.[21] Males were 88.2% of those arrested for homicide, while females were 11.8%.[21] Among those arrested for rape in 2011, males were 98.8% and

      A lot of males and females had got killed that is really crazy that would had got killed in the world

    2. Crime in the United States, the FBI publishes annual reports on the status of law enforcement in the United States.[2] The report's definitions of specific crimes are considered standard by many American law enforcement agencies.[4] Acco

      Crime status is getting worst in the world and the FBI had publishing in the world and that is really bad for the world I would be disappointed at the world everybody in the world is really crazy

    1. 1,300 extra cops he’s added to the NYPD, gun sting

      The cops had brought more guns for their protect them from people getting heart that is important because the people

    2. If the city ends the year with around 20 more killings

      there was 20 killers in the Bronx sometimes that happen on my block that is important because the crime has to stop

    3. A lot of things are working, but it’s — as you can imagine, Brian, it’s endless,” he said on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show.”

      They will tell you what happen to the people this is a good job that Brian has a good job and he make money that happen with me when I work on my job

    4. Although a 20-murder uptick would be relatively small in a city of 8.5 million,

      There is a small increase in murders in the city. This is important because murders happen a lot on my block

    5. They include a 2.5% drop in overall crime this year

      Then it drop into 2.5 that is very good

    6. which amounts to a roughly 5%

      The amount is going up and up that is really good

    7. With the year on track to close with a spike in murders

      Within the years muder had been getting worst in the world

  5. Oct 2015
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      that mean that she wrote the book

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      that means that she want to write detail writing