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  1. Nov 2019
    1. A decades-long effort on the right has resulted in a parallel set of institutions meant to encourage tribal epistemology. They mimic the form of mainstream media, think tanks, and the academy, but without the restraint of transpartisan principles. They are designed to advance the interests of the right, to tell stories and produce facts that support the tribe. That is the ultimate goal; the rhetoric and formalisms of critical thinking are retrofit around it.

      I think this is true of the independentist movement in Catalonia

    2. If it only were the right. This is a trend we can see in Catalonia in the independentist movement.

  2. Nov 2017
    1. I believe this ideas may be somewhat similar to the mind as a "sixth" sense for perceiving thoughts and cognitions of Buddhism

    2. we argue that “consciousness” contains no top-down control processes and that “consciousness” involves no executive, causal, or controlling relationship with any of the familiar psychological processes conventionally attributed to it.

      I think this ideas is somewhat similar to the mind as a "sixth" sense of Buddhism, that allows for perceptions of thoughts and awareness.

    3. we argue that “consciousness” contains no top-down control processes and that “consciousness” involves no executive, causal, or controlling relationship with any of the familiar psychological processes conventionally attributed to it
  3. Dec 2016
    1. el capital y el trabajo son factores sustitutivos (esto es, que podemos remplazar trabajadores escasos por máquinas superabundantes sin perjuicio alguno en la productividad): pero la evidencia empírica disponible no verifica esa extrema facilidad de sustituir unos factores por otros, esto es, Piketty se inventa su hipótesis crucial.

      Ver economia binaria

  4. Aug 2016
    1. there is strong, direct link between what the major political parties spend and the percentage of votes they win – far stronger than all the airy dismissals of the role of money in elections would ever lead you to think, and certainly stronger than anything you read in your political science class.

      We should take money away form political campaigns

    1. The idea of extending employee shareholding is growing in popularity. This is a flexible strategy for extending ownership of revenue-producing assets in society. In the USA alone, over ten thousand enterprises, employing over ten million workers, are part of employee-ownership, stock bonus, or profit-sharing schemes. Employee ownership can increase incentives, personal identification with the enterprise, and job satisfaction for workers.

      Also should cite Kelso et al.

    2. Ackerman and Alstott stressed progressive taxes on wealth rather than on income. Echoing Paine, they proposed a large cash grant to all citizens when they reach the age of majority, around the benchmark cost of taking a bachelor’s degree at private university in the United States.

      Need to follow this idea

    3. Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott took up Paine’s agenda in their proposal for a ‘stakeholder society.’ They argued that ‘property is so important to the free development of individual personality that everybody ought to have some’. They echoed Francis Bacon: ‘Wealth is like muck. It is not good but if it be spread.’

      Should mention Addler/Kelso "The capitalist manifesto" and others.

  5. Feb 2016
    1. En Bolsa, la razón del desastre es otra: los fondos soberanos de los países árabes y grandes inversores chinos están vendiendo millones de euros en acciones para recuperar ingresos ante la caída del petróleo y la desaceleración económica de China.

      Este sería un argumento para aprovechar oportunidades de compra

  6. Jan 2016
    1. no es verdad que seamos demasiados en la Tierra, no es verdad que el planeta ya no aguante más, no es verdad que los alimentos sean insuficientes para alimentar a todos ni que falta agua

      Yo creo que sí, sí y sí. Una cosa es sobrevivir y la otra mantener unas condiciones sociales mínimamente aceptables y preservar el entorno natural

  7. Dec 2015
    1. our research suggests that as many as 45 percent of the activities individuals are paid to perform can be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies

      The end of work...

    1. Compelling Valuation Very High Dividend Yield: Consider Prospect Capital

      Yet another opinion favouring PSEC. It must be the most controversial stock around.

    1. Prospect Capital: History Being Made

      It seems that PSEC is being valued and recommended. I have owned it for some time and plan to add to it wherever I ca.

  8. www.dwightmurphey-collectedwritings.info www.dwightmurphey-collectedwritings.info
    1. Chapter 3:   Capitalism with Broad Distribution: A “Shared Market Economy”

      Great proposal, see also Kelso, The Capitalist Manifesto, Kurland's Homstead Act, Barne's Dividends for All. Also linked to the monetary reform movement

    1. This could be the first time we can talk with empirical evidence about language requiring innate components or not.

  9. May 2015
    1. the researchers found that the average attention span for the respondents and volunteers was just eight seconds, down from twelve back in 2000, and one second shorter than the average goldfish

      Good for the fish, ambiguous about people...

    1. Researchers at the University of Birmingham have shed new light on the relationship between autistic tendencies and psychosis proneness in neurotypical adults.

      Interesting new evidence on the autism/psychosis continuum hypothesis