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  1. Oct 2021
    1. Modern Fonts, including Politica, Eurostyle, and Matchbook: Fashionable, Stylish, Exclusive

      font options

    2. Brand identity includes: Visual Brand Identity Brand Voice Brand Values Brand Personality Brand Message

      brand identity

    3. Growth is a 6-part engine, and there are six levers that must all operate at peak efficiency for a brand to outgrow their competitors. The last lever is Referrals. And that single lever is should guide everything you do to grow your brand.

      growth marketing stages

    1. sticky navigation menu that’s always visible regardless of how far shoppers scroll down. 

      good to have feature

    2. Who the brand is;What they’re selling; andWhy shoppers should be interested.
      1. intro homepage banner - talk about F2F B2B + D2C offerings/UVP

      2. Sponsored brands - Sponsored by brands/sellers

      3. Highlight Categories by category icons

      4. Trending/Handpicked/Curated by F2F - Sponsored by brands/sellers

      1. PR articles about F2F services
  2. Sep 2021
    1. The features of the B2C homepage should include: Highlights on running sales & valid discounts Running carousels for different trending products Simple “clickable buttons” to product pages

      B2C homepage

      Enhance customer experience and navigation

    2. A B2B homepage should: Focus on demonstrating a demo in the center Run carousels that represent products with core features A “Why Choose Us” section to trigger the target audience’s decision

      B2B homepage

      The main focus is on solving business problems. Thus should instead look and be informative.

    3. the actionable content should be human-centered, i.e., should carry an emotional connection.

      CTA objectivity

    4. Reviews and ratings Product videos Product features and highlights Clear, high-resolution images

      B2B website assets

    5. B2B eCommerce websites need to focus on: Buying guides Product videos, explainer videos Articles and blog posts 24/7 customer support Case Studies

      B2B content ideas

    1. In one SEMrush study, articles with at least 3,000 words generated 3X more traffic, 4X more shares, and 3.5X more backlinks than short-form articles.

      SEO hack

      find new topics to write

    2. than outbound marketing

      check outbound vs inbound marketing

    1. aware of your competitors and establish ways to differentiate your company from them,

      figure competitors

    2. t’s safe to assume that most buyers will either return to companies they’ve used before to solve a particular need or they’ll ask for referrals from friends, family members, or colleagues.

      referral / affiliate marketing

    3. Content marketing is a strategic inbound marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and educational content digitally to attract, retain, and qualify potential new leads.  

      content marketing def

    4. If your company is able to rank on search engines, such as Google, for targeted keywords and phrases, you can drive awareness of your brand.


    5. LinkedIn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

      B2B VS B2C

      platform specific strategy needed

    1. brand’s story.

      content strategy objective

    2. Learn about their buying behaviors and notice how much time it takes for the person to turn into a customer. Notice the open rates and click rates of emails to learn what kind of products they are interested in and customize future emails accordingly.

      email marketing tips

    3. There’s a lot you can post on social media – experiment with BTS videos, memes, tips and tricks, clothing inspo, etc.

      SM tips

  3. Aug 2021
    1. a referral program that will allow people to join a group consisting of like-minded industrialists, traders and manufacturers of their city.

      leads generation / network building

    2. Exhibitors also get access to their personalised dashboard that they can use to upload, edit or delete products, schedule or cancel virtual appointments, as well as collect user data.


    3. Personal interactions, live product demos and networking are a few reasons why we attend physical events.

      10 slots 30 mins each for each artisan for demonstration, and Q&As

      Have a facilitator/translator to mod the session or demo the products if sent to warehouse

      Live webinar tag - redirecting to zoom

    4. group chats to engage

      whatsapp marketing?

    5. The high-tech platform offers customized event halls, branded 3D stalls, real time interactions, live Webinars, and robust chat support that transcends any physical exhibition


    6. What sets it apart from other platforms available in the market is that they create completely immersive 3D environments that allow visitors to walk through the halls, navigate booths, browse content, download catalogs, network with exhibitors as well as attend live webinars using simple navigation keys and mouse on their computer. {"requests":{"csi":"https://csi.gstatic.com/csi?"},"transport":{"xhrpost":false},"triggers":{"adRequestStart":{"on":"ad-request-start","request":"csi","sampleSpec":{"sampleOn":"a4a-csi-${pageViewId}","threshold":1},"selector":"amp-ad","selectionMethod":"closest","extraUrlParams":{"met.a4a":"afs_lvt.${viewerLastVisibleTime}~afs.${time}"}},"adResponseEnd":{"on":"ad-response-end","request":"csi","sampleSpec":{"sampleOn":"a4a-csi-${pageViewId}","threshold":1},"selector":"amp-ad","selectionMethod":"closest","extraUrlParams":{"met.a4a":"afe.${time}"}},"adRenderStart":{"on":"ad-render-start","request":"csi","sampleSpec":{"sampleOn":"a4a-csi-${pageViewId}","threshold":1},"selector":"amp-ad","selectionMethod":"closest","extraUrlParams":{"met.a4a":"ast.${scheduleTime}~ars_lvt.${viewerLastVisibleTime}~ars.${time}","qqid":"${qqid}"}},"adIframeLoaded":{"on":"ad-iframe-loaded","request":"csi","sampleSpec":{"sampleOn":"a4a-csi-${pageViewId}","threshold":1},"selector":"amp-ad","selectionMethod":"closest","extraUrlParams":{"met.a4a":"ail.${time}"}}},"extraUrlParams":{"s":"ampad","ctx":"2","c":"${correlator}","slotId":"${slotId}","puid":"${requestCount}~${timestamp}"}} 

      features to consider

    7. replicate the experience of a physical event into a virtual one. 

      mention in slides

    1. On top of that, laws also deter not-profits to access institutional funding in their initial years. NGOs become eligible for CSR funding after three years of inception. Even eligibility to obtain FCRA licence kicks in after three years

      CSR hurdles

    1. To be the platform of choice of each stakeholder across the Textile and Apparel value chain to aid their key business activities globally.


    2. To be a top global entity leveraging technology and knowledge to create value in the Textile and Apparel industry.


    1. Disney is the largest retail character licensor in the world with USD 52 billion in character merchandising retail sales in products like toys, homes, fashion, publishing, school stationery and food.


    1. original and authentic,


    2. The website will facilitate product transaction between the buyer and the third-party sellers on the platform.

      licensees can sell as well

    3. 3,000 products across fashion, toys, apparel, back-to-school, accessories, and gifts. It will serve more than 500 Indian cities.


    1. We believe that entrepreneurs, organisations and communities who come together and script these solutions will define the future course of our collective “tomorrow”.

      higher calling

    2. addressing complex societal challenges requires a fundamental shift in the way businesses, societies, governments and other stakeholders engage with each other.

      try to change BAU > more accountability > responsibility for change

    1. curriculum design to content delivery and logistics.

      assist in structuring the 9 months accelerator program?

    2. tracking programme impact and portfolio performance metrics to capture and analyse data for programme planning, decision making, and reporting.

      assist in structuring the 9 months accelerator program?

  4. Jul 2021
    1. tap into the minds and wallets

      survival medium

    2. consumer mind space.


    3. content data network


    4. information-recommendation wheelhouse.


    5. high-intent users.

      what will the intent be with - The Good Step

    6. advertising and partnerships.


    7. The app is easy-to-use, intuitive and adaptable to the major regions the user is from.


    8. image-and text-based articles and video-based stories.


    9. small businesses have blossomed in the city


    1. sustainability consultants help organizations reach and maintain their economic, social and environmental sustainability goals in a way that ensures that the benefits outweigh the costs of implementation.

      consultant role mapping

    1. MAIN TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES | Generally include some of the following: helping clients improve on their processes or practices by sharing best market practices and designing action plans adapted to the client’s reality; producing summary output matrices (such as materiality analysis) so that the most important issues being addressed are understood.

      Sustainability Consultant

      role is usually for mid/senior-level careers. Workers at early-careers stages usually start as sustainability analysts, backing up sustainability consultants and having less exposure to clients.

      Sustainability analyst role - Generally include: conducting research and benchmarking of key trends and translating best practices into key insights for consultants to take to clients; analyzing internal products/services and improving their footprint by suggesting upgrades to the current methodology/process used by the company; supporting senior colleagues in preparing materials for presentations with clients; translating the company’s sustainability initiatives into engaging consumer stories across the website and social media channels.

      Background/ Formal education - People who studied management, finance or economy have the benefit of understanding how business works. Others from a more environmental/social background like environmental engineering or marine biology are more aware of the reality of sustainability and its hot topics.

    2. sustainability strategy


    1. identify, predict and assess the type and scale ofpotential biodiversity impacts, and opportunities to benefit conservation, associated with any business activities or projects


    1. While it is the primary duty of governments to protect, respect, fulfil and progressively realize human rights, businesses can, and should, do their part. At a minimum, we expect businesses to undertake due diligence to avoid harming human rights and to address any adverse impacts on human rights that may be related to their activities. As a complement, not as a substitute for respecting rights, businesses can also take additional steps:Contribute in other ways to improve the lives of the people they affect, such as by creating decent jobs, goods and services that help meet basic needs, and more inclusive value chains. Make strategic social investments and promote public policies that support social sustainability. Partner with other businesses, pooling strengths to make a greater positive impact.


    2. Social sustainability is about identifying and managing business impacts, both positive and negative, on people. The quality of a company’s relationships and engagement with its stakeholders is critical. Directly or indirectly, companies affect what happens to employees, workers in the value chain, customers and local communities, and it is important to manage impacts proactively.

      Definition | Core impact |

      Def - Social dimension of corporate sustainability

      Focus areas - social development, including poverty, inequality and weak rule of law, of which human rights is the cornerstone

    3. actions to achieve social sustainability may unlock new markets, help retain and attract business partners, or be the source for innovation for new product or service lines. Internal morale and employee engagement may rise, while productivity, risk management and company-community conflict improve.

      Benefits of transition to sustainability

    4. Businesses’ social license to operate depends greatly on their social sustainability efforts. In addition

      A social license to operate (SLO) refers to the perceptions of local stakeholders that a project, a company, or an industry that operates in a given area or region is socially acceptable or legitimate. ... As such, from the perspective of a company, a social license to operate is often evaluated as an intangible asset.

    1. The most common impression is that a developer is someone who is a genius and is able to process massive algorithms in their head in a computer-like way to produce code. This is a misguided idea. Developers are just regular people who have invested their time to learn a programming language and to understand the tools, techniques, nuances, and quirks of the technology they are using to produce results. Any professional job, be it a bricklayer, plumber, or indeed a developer, requires you to learn the tools of the trade to build what people need. A developer, by my definition, is simply someone who creates something out of nothing. A property developer takes a piece of land and produces homes for people to live in. A web developer produces apps or websites from nothing.

      How to create a developer mindset