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  1. Jun 2024
    1. suppose that GPT 4 training took 3 months in 2027 a leading AI lab will be able to train a GPT 4 00:18:19 level model in a minute

      for - stat - AI evolution - prediction 2027 - training time - 6 OOM decrease

      stat - AI evolution - prediction 2027 - training time - 6 OOM decrease - today it takes 3 months to train GPT 4 - in 2027, it will take 1 minute - That is, 131,400 minutes vs 1 minute, or - 6 OOM

  2. May 2024
    1. I feel violated, cheated upon, betrayed, and exploited.
    2. What could possibly go wrong? Dear Stack Overflow denizens, thanks for helping train OpenAI's billion-dollar LLMs. Seems that many have been drinking the AI koolaid or mixing psychedelics into their happy tea. So much for being part of a "community", seems that was just happy talk for "being exploited to generate LLM training data..." The corrupting influence of the profit-motive is never far away.
    3. If you ask ChatGPT to cite it will provide random citations. That's different from actually training a model to cite (e.g. use supervised finetuning on citations with human raters checking whether sources match, which would also allow you to verify how accurately a model cites). This is something OpenAI could do, it just doesn't.
  3. Sep 2023
    1. For a socially and economically sustainable growth path, the labor displacement in the sectors ofapplication must be counterbalanced by job creation within the same and other sector

      it's 2023 and I don't see anyone planning for this massive job displacement, I think that the hollywood strikes are a sign of things to come

  4. May 2023
  5. Jun 2018