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  1. Jan 2024
  2. Aug 2023
    1. https://www.lochby.com/collections/frontpage/products/venture-pouch<br /> Lochby Venture Pouch<br /> $44.00

      Acquired one of these in early 2023 on sale?

      several internal sections including for pens. <br /> will easily fit a handful or so of 4 x 6" index cards for quick travel

  3. Jul 2023
    1. Purchased from JetPens.com on 11/19/2021

      2023-07-02 With very minimal use, the cap plastic cracked against metal ferrule and broke without any forcing at all. Repair? Replacement? Appears to be a common problem with TWSBI pens.

  4. Mar 2023
    1. Analog Supplies

      I should mention that the Stockroom Plus 4 x 6" cards I got a while back are great with even my juiciest fountain pens. They're some of the least expensive gridded cards I've been able to find and are a fraction of the cost of the Exacompta.

    1. Definitely Exacompta. The color grid cards in 3x5 and 4x6 are fountain pen friendly and delightful to use.

      u/abbienormal, u/Alan_Shutko, u/CynTut all recommend Exacompta cards for fountain pen friendly use.

      4x6": - Goulet Pens - White Graph $9.00 - White lined $9.00 - White blank $9.00 - Pastel graph $13.50 - Flotsam and Fork Pastel graph $9.50 - Anderson Pens $13.50 (multi-color) - JetPens Pastel graph $14.50 - Amazon White(?) grid $19.96

      • Kokuyo
        • may be close in size but A or B style sizing
  5. Jan 2023
    1. https://cplong.org/2023/01/return-to-blogging/<br /> reply to https://hcommons.social/@sramsay/109660599682539192

      IndieWeb, blogging, fountain pens?!? I almost hate to mention it for the rabbit hole it may become, but: https://micro.blog/discover/pens. Happy New Year!

  6. Nov 2022
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEXF3JgdHVY

      Fountain pen network

      ink journals for keeping track of pens, ink, and samples

      ink review formats

      swab books

      q-tip swabs

      ink sample vials and tray holders

      a bulb syringe for flushing water through to clean pens is a good idea when doing many at a time

    1. jessekelber @collin oooh, so many great options! My 2 personal favorites would be the LAMY Al-Star and the TWSBI Diamond 580. I'm sure others will offer up other great options, but that's my proverbial $0.02.

      @jessekelber @collin I'll second the Diamond 580, though if they're completely new, the ECO T may be a useful choice as the grip design helps to nudge a better grip for beginners. It's also a little less expensive (if they have fear of breaking or losing their nice new pen), and gives them space to dream upwards without breaking their own bank when you've turned them into a lifelong collector.

  7. Oct 2022
  8. Apr 2022
    1. published under the title‘An Almost Obsessive Relation to Writing Instruments’, which firstappeared in Le Monde in 1973

      There is apparently an English translation by Linda Coverdale of this interview was published posthumously by University of California Press in The Grain of The Voice

      There's also another edition The Grain of the Voice: Interviews 1962-1980 by Roland Barthes; Translated by Linda Coverdale; Northwestern University Press, 384 Pages, 5.50 x 8.50 in, 8 b-w Paperback, ISBN: 9780810126404; Published: December 2009, https://nupress.northwestern.edu/9780810126404/the-grain-of-the-voice/

      Is there anything else worthwhile in this interview about note taking?

  9. Mar 2022
  10. Nov 2021
    1. kimberlyhirsh Hello world. Imagine I’m interested in fountain pens but am a complete beginner. Where would you tell me to go to learn more? What would your advice be? How do I get started? ✒️🖋️ 8:46 am

      @kimberlyhirsh I'd generally repeat a lot of the same solid advice that @cygnoir gave you too, so I won't.

      If you've got any local in-person shopping locations for pens and stationery, get out and try writing with a few to see how they look and feel. I've got a few local Maido stationery stores and the my local Vroman's bookstore has a huge pen counter and stationery section which have been helpful for trying before buying. Usually the staff are fans, so they can share a lot of details and advice as well.

      Something inexpensive to start may be useful, but I find some of them can be hit or miss in terms of felling good in your hand or writing smoothly. It's more of a joy to have a pen you love the look and feel of, so trying before you buy can be invaluable. (As an example, lots of people love and highly recommend LAMY, but for me I just don't like their design or feel.)

      Stores will also give you the chance to find out what nib size(s) you like and how juicy a particular pen may be. I tend to go for extra fine or fine for most circumstances in daily writing depending on the size I intend to write and in which notebook. I do have a few bold and specialty nibs for occasional special uses and fun though.

      Depending on your budget, maybe start with something super cheap that you can play with, take apart, swap out nibs, beat up, or possibly loose. But if you're committed and like the experience, find something that brings you joy and spend a fair amount. One really great pen that you love to use can be better than an entire drawerful.

      Trolling around youtube videos and reviews of pens, ink, and paper can give you a bit of experience and knowledge without busting the bank.

      I have found that over the past several months, supply chain issues means that lots of popular pens may be out of stock (both online or at stores), so have patience if what you want isn't immediately available.

      Finally, don't ignore some better quality paper to write on.

    1. None of us can have as many virtues as the fountain-pen, or half its cussedness; but we can try. - Following the Equator, Pudd'nhead Wilson's New Calendar
    1. Item #51104 Marquis Fountain Pen at $5.00 eachItem #51110 Classic Impressions Fountain Pen at $6.00 eachOur minimum order requirement is $100 plus shipping and handling.Payment must be Check In Advance.Mondial is the Italian Company who makes the ink cartridges.

      I've got an old one of these A&W Marquis fountain pens that only takes ink cartridges kicking around in a drawer. I knew they were relatively inexpensive and likely a simple "student" pen, but didn't know they were so inexpensive.

    1. The TWSBI Eco uses the same nib and feed as the Diamond mini, Classic and Vac Mini models. However, there is no removable assembly like the Diamond mini so the nib and feed have to be pulled out of the body of the pen instead of unscrewing and swapping over a complete nib/feed/collar assembly. Therefore, we cannot describe these nibs as fully interchangeable. If you want to fit a Diamond mini nib to a Eco or Eco T, the nib has to be removed from the collar together with the feed. This task is quite difficult and can often result in damage to the feed. Therefore, we do not recommend changing nibs on the Eco model unless you are experienced with minor pen repairs.
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