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  1. Feb 2023
  2. Jul 2022
    1. I think actually the most critical component is going to be leveraging existing security mechanisms that have been built for resilience and incorporating those into these devices, which is actually what I'm building right now. That's what Thistle Technologies is doing, we're trying to help companies get to that place where they've got modern security mechanisms in their devices without having to build all the infrastructure that's required in order to deliver that. 

      Third-party tool for IoT device updates

      Trying to make them as regular and predictable as what we have for desktop devices now.

  3. Jan 2020
  4. Feb 2019
    1. Ecoaxis introduced industrial IoT solution for plastic processing machines which help to improve efficiency, productivity and quality. Our IoT (Internet of Things) gateway helps connect your various plastic processing machines and utilities to capture and securely transfer accurate data to the cloud for advanced analytics.

  5. Feb 2017
    1. A company that sells internet-connected teddy bears that allow kids and their far-away parents to exchange heartfelt messages left more than 800,000 customer credentials, as well as two million message recordings, totally exposed online for anyone to see and listen.

  6. Oct 2016
    1. Susan Crawford on Interent of Things issues. Security flaws are not the only concerns. Cities are starting to make deals with IoT firms eager to set up systems that will make money by collecting data.

    1. The malware, dubbed "Mirai," spreads to vulnerable devices by continuously scanning the Internet for IoT systems protected by factory default or hard-coded usernames and passwords."

  7. Aug 2016
    1. WISP (Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform), a computer chip powered by existing radio waves, developed by the U. of Washington Sensor Lab and Delft U. of Technology.

  8. Jul 2016
    1. The arrival of quantified self means that it's no longer just what you type that is being weighed and measured, but how you slept last night, and with whom.
  9. Jan 2016
  10. Dec 2015
    1. Reality Editor is an iOS app for programming and controlling Internet-enabled devices. It was created at MIT with their Open Hybrid platform. http://openhybrid.org/

  11. Jan 2015