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  1. Nov 2020
    1. I increasingly don’t care for the world of centralized software. Software interacts with my data, on my computers. Its about time my software reflected that relationship. I want my laptop and my phone to share my files over my wifi. Not by uploading all my data to servers in another country. Especially if those servers are financed by advertisers bidding for my eyeballs.
  2. Mar 2020
    1. By choosing Matomo, you are joining an ever growing movement. You’re standing up for something that respects user-privacy, you’re fighting for a safer web and you believe your personal data should remain in your own hands, no one else’s.
    2. 100% data ownership
    3. With Matomo, the philosophy around data ownership is simple, you own your data, no one else.
    4. People believe in us for that reason, and we will continue to champion the right for people to be in control of their data.
    1. our values remain the same – advocating for 100% data ownership, respecting user-privacy, being reliable and encouraging people to stay secure. Complete analytics, that’s 100% yours.
    2. Due to that, you have 100% data ownership as Matomo is hosted on your own servers and we have absolutely no way of gaining access to your data.

      Technically impossible for them to get your data if the data doesn't pass through them at all.

    3. when you choose Matomo Cloud, we acknowledge in our Terms that you own all rights, titles, and interest to your users’ data. We obtain no rights from you to your users data. This means we can’t on-sell it to third parties, we can’t claim ownership of it, you can export your data anytime

      Technically impossible for them to sell your data if the data doesn't pass through them at all.

  3. www.graphitedocs.com www.graphitedocs.com
    1. Own Your Encryption KeysYou would never trust a company to keep a record of your password for use anytime they want. Why would you do that with your encryption keys? With Graphite, you don't have to. You own and manage your keys so only YOU can decrypt your content.
  4. Aug 2018
    1. this possibility of increased ownership and agency over technology and a somewhat romantic idea I have that this can transfer to inspire ownership and agency over learning
  5. Jan 2015
    1. Make no mistake, in today's digital age, we are most definitely "renters" with virtually no rights—including rights to our data.
    2. The Internet of Things promises to create mountains upon mountains of data, but none of it will be yours.
    1. The big question, of course, is whether that player has to be a private capitalist corporation, or some federated, publicly-run set of services that could reach a data-sharing agreement free of monitoring by intelligence agencies.

      So there we are. It is pretty straight forward really.