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    1. Royal KMM FPE HH KH 10 T1 B64 Typewriter Ribbon Install Rewind Respool Replace by [[Phoenix Typewriter]]

      The spools for the standard Royal typewriters (KMM, FPE, HH, KH, etc) have a custom metal mechanism for their auto-reverse. The spools are known as the T1 (which is the same as General Ribbon part # T1-77B , T1-77BR, and Nu-Kote B64.) If winding on universal ribbon onto them, remove the eyelette which isn't needed and may interfere with the auto reverse.

      The function of the mechanism is fairly similar to that of the Remington, but the mechanism is on the spool itself rather than on the spindle.

      If necessary, Ribbons Unlimited carries these metal spools: https://www.ribbonsunlimited.com/6N064-Royal-Standard-Electric-Ribbon-64-p/6n064.htm

  2. Apr 2024
    1. David McCullough, the noted histo-rian and Pulitzer Prize winner, haswritten everything he’s ever publishedsince 1965 on his sixty-nine-year-oldRoyal KMM standard desktop.