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  1. May 2023
    1. Typewriters had switches to allow the typewriter to use different portions of the typewriter ribbon. Some were utilized to differentiate between colors on multi-colored ribbons (typically between black and red) while others allowed the use of the top or bottom of a ribbon to get more use (economy) out of them. Many also made the ribbon inoperative so that the type struck directly against a sheet to allow for stencil cutting.

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    1. Typewriter Ribbon Sources:FJA Products: https://www.fjaproducts.com/ , and 1 - 800 - 982 - 9989.Baco Ribbons makes ribbons in many sizes, colors, and materials. Contact Charlene Oesch, Baco Ribbon & Supply Co., 1521 Carman Road, Ballwin,MO 63021, 314-835-9300, fax 636-394-5475, e-mail bacoribbon@sbcglobal.net.Ribbons Unlimited, https://www.ribbonsunlimited.com/Default.asp, or write to lanie@ribbonsunlimited.comTony Casillo of TTS Business Products in Garden City, NY, carries many varieties of ribbon and can advise you on the correct spool, ribbon material, etc. Call 516-489-8300 or e-mail typebar@aol.com.Jay Respler of Advanced Business Machines Co. in New Jersey carries ribbons for virtually all typewriters: Phone 732-431-1464 after 11 AM Eastern,or e-mail jrespler@superlink.net."I offer nylon, cotton, silk, and all colors. I can get many odd sizes.I stock newer cartridges as well as older spools. I supply pictures of spools to help determine what the customer needs. We ship anywhere in the world."Earl De Barth, of www.debarth.org, telephone number 215-855-6851, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm ET, e-mail imanager@debarth.org,has the material for the 25 mm and wider ribbons. He has no spools, so requests that the purchaser send him a spool on which to wind the new ribbon. He can sometimes provide ribbons in colors other than black or black/red. Prices vary according to length, number of ribbons purchased, etc.Other US manufacturers are Fine Line Ribbon in Ennis, TX and Bushnell Ribbon in Santa Fe Springs, CA.. Other sources include Royal, Scantracker, ....Of course, someone will suggest Amazon and eBay but I would rather support the guys who do the work and need the support.
    1. 6N070 Smith Corona Clipper Typewriter Ribbon This is the ribbon you need for your Smith Corona Clipper typewriter.  1/2" nylon ribbon with eyelets on 2" diameter spools.  Available in vibrant colors and can be made in nylon, cotton, or silk.

      The replacement typewriter ribbon for my Smith-Corona Clipper is 1/2" nylon ribbon with eyelets on 2" diameter spools.


    1. I buy exclusively from Ribbons Unlimited since their products and service are superb. I have purchased from Amazon suppliers if I need a ribbon "pronto", but the biggest problem that I run into with their supplier's ribbons is the fact that they normally don't have reversing grommets installed at the end of the ribbons, and unless your machine can sense ribbon tension and reverse the ribbon, you have to reverse the ribbon direction manually. I purchased a grommet installation tool to try and capitalize on the cheap price of Amazon ribbons, but found that it's not really worth the effort (plus my hands got really "inky") - I always come back to Ribbons Unlimited.

      Some cheap typewriter ribbon spools don't have grommets on them to force auto-reverse of the spool. Without grommets, some machines may sense ribbon tension for reversal, otherwise one needs to switch direction manually.

      There are grommet installation tools that one can use, but this often requires getting one's hands dirty to install them.

      Ribbons Unlimited has a good reputation in the r/typewriters community for providing good sales and service.