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  1. Jun 2022
    1. you can actually see my entire guide 00:27:53 to using hypothesis on my website there's the link there's videos for how to use it with the lms or as a standalone with my assignment all laid out for you and next slide you can also read the full article in 00:28:06 digital reading and writing and composition studies thank
    1. Archaeology of Reading project


      The Archaeology of Reading in Early Modern Europe (AOR) uses digital technologies to enable the systematic exploration of the historical reading practices of Renaissance scholars nearly 450 years ago. This is possible through AOR’s corpus of thirty-six fully digitized and searchable versions of early printed books filled with tens of thousands of handwritten notes, left by two of the most dedicated readers of the early modern period: John Dee and Gabriel Harvey.

      Perhaps some overlap here with: - Workshop in the History of Material Texts https://pennmaterialtexts.org/about/events/ - Book Traces https://booktraces.org via Andrew Stauffer, et al. - Schoenberg Institute's Coffe with a Codex https://schoenberginstitute.org/coffee-with-a-codex/ (perhaps to a lesser degree)