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    1. By retracing how one body is chained to another in precarity, it shows the thickness of desire and potential inside these digital bonds.

      i'm still not sold on the idea that there is desire or love for the work that is performed (see annotation about digital worker above).

    2. this ten-year span of digital work exemplified the precarity of digital labor before precarity became a term to describe the uncertain and stressful conditions of work for digital workers.

      Are they digital workers though? Maybe they need to define digital. I was reading this case study as a proceeding whatever digital was. Is it digital because they made equipment for electronics?

    3. A digital worker is not necessarily alien-ated from the commodity she doesn’t own; she finds an unrequited desire and love for the digital work she performs. A feminist methodology shows how being chained is not determined by digital rules and technologies that enable oppression. It is not a result of the material infrastructures and technologies that enable communication, connectivity, and networks.

      What? I need to come back to this.