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  1. Feb 2024
  2. Sep 2023
  3. Aug 2023
    1. This increasing energy extraction could then, contra Malthus, support an exponentially growing population.
      • for: Malthus - energy extraction, overshoot,
      • paraphrase
        • increasing energy extraction via cultural evolution of new energy saving and extraction technologies allows a population to continue growing exponentially instead of crashing due to limits of energy extraction growth.
  4. Mar 2023
      • Title: Consumption Corridors: Living a Good Life within Sustainable Limits
      • This book explores how to enhance peoples’ chances to live a good life in a world of ecological and social limits.
    1. Theconcept of consumption corridors combines notions of human needs,individual preferences, and freedom as the basis for a good life for all.
      • Comment
      • When
        • human needs
        • individual preferences
        • individual freedom
      • are combined, it provides the individual with agency, creativity and freedom to choose a lifetsyle within ecological limits
      • Especially when we are collectively in overshoot, we must adhere to such limits
      • Limits always exist within any society. There is no such thing as absolute freedom
      • However, we have been abusing our ecological freedom and have thereby threatened our own existence by doing so