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  1. Nov 2022
    1. And David Allen was there at the beginning. He had this idea of full capture where he said all of your tasks should be a trusted system that you review regularly, not in your head. He actually adapted that idea from a previous business thinker named Dean Acheson, unrelated to President Truman’s Secretary of State, same name, different person, who had first developed, I believe in the 1970s, this notion of full capture and David Allen expanded it.


    1. This quadrant is busywork at scale. It’s the domain of productivity gurus, shiny tech tools (like Superhuman, Notion or Hey.com), Zapier automations, Text Expanders and the budding no-code movement.

      Interesting, Khe put an image of David Allen's Getting Things Done book in the image accompanying this quadrant.

      I assume he is talking about creating and maintaining the GTD system, or also about using the system to get results? After all, an important aspect of GTD (though not made clear in the book) is getting perspective.

  2. Aug 2021