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    1. It was this apparent tension between science and the more traditional theological account of the origin of the human race that I attempted to resolve in an article which I published in 2011.16  Building on some work by Josephite priest Andrew Alexander,17 and applying the adage, “When faced with a contradiction, make a distinction,” I suggested this possible account of the origin of the human race: Evolution of a population of primates sufficiently large to carry the genetic diversity in question and with cognitive development sufficient to allow the infusion of a rational soul. Transformation of two of those primates into rational and, therefore, “fully human” beings by infusion of a created rational soul18 without destruction of their reproductive compatibility with the primate population out of which they were selected. At that point, there would have existed both “fully human” (i.e., rational) beings and “merely biologically human” beings.19 Interbreeding between the fully human beings and their merely biologically human neighbors. Creation of rational souls for each of the descendants of every fully human being. (Strictly, “for many of the descendants” is all that is necessary.)

      Adam and Eve Genesis

  2. Oct 2023
    1. And with that puerile quarrel between stubborn warlords over the right to own and to rape a girl, Western literature begins.

      A stark statement that lays bare the original sin of Western thought.

  3. Jun 2022
    1. Elie Mystal writes in Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy's Guide to the Constitution:

      There was an original purpose to the Second Amendment, but it wasn't to keep people safe. It was to preserve white supremacy and slavery. (p36)

      He indicates that there are quotes from Patrick Henry and George Mason, governor of Virginia. They needed the ability to raise an armed militia to put down slave revolts and didn't want to rely on the federal government to do it.

      • [ ] Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy's Guide to the Constitution by Elie Mystal #wanttoread

      link to 1967 Mulford Act signed by Ronald Reagan see also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulford_Act

  4. Nov 2021
    1. The study demonstrated the capacity of a third dose to broaden antibody-based immunity and boost protection against circulating variants of concern. However, it is interesting that neutralizing responses against the Beta variant, known to markedly escape vaccine-elicited antibody responses4, were only fractionally better in those receiving a Beta-specific booster immunization.

      Choi et al. showed that a Beta-targeted booster shot broadened antibody-based immunity and boosted protection against circulating variants, the neutralizing response against the Beta variant was only slightly better.

      @gerdosi thinks this points to Original Antigenic Sin.

    1. Interestingly, all four vaccine breakthrough infection subjects who had previous COVID-19 were seropositive for anti-membrane IgG during acute infection, while no breakthrough subjects without prior COVID-19 had detectable anti-membrane antibodies in the acute infection period (Figure 1I).

      Vaccinated individuals that experience a breakthrough infection do not develop antibodies to the parts of the virus that is not encoded by the vaccine.

  5. Jun 2016
    1. Those annoying pop-up windows? My fault, at least in part. I designed a vertically-oriented popup window that included navigation tools and an ad for inclusion on webpages at some point in late 1996 or early 1997. It was intended to be less intrusive than inserting an ad into the middle of a user’s homepage. I won’t claim responsibility (irresponsibility?) for inventing the damned things, and I disclaim any responsibility for cascading popups, popups that move to the top, and those annoying “bot” windows that open different popups every few minutes. Still, the fault is at least in part mine, and I’m sorry. :-)