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  1. Sep 2023
    1. This is really an annotation for the next two pages, but I really enjoyed learning about the various types/levels of power. Especially the idea that one can hold all three, but power, like most things, can be easily lost if not tended to.

    2. I am tagging this as an 'aha moment', but this is something we weave into our strategy at work as it pertains to amendments to our operating agreement or board nominee votes. We call the influential stakeholders COI (Centers of Influence).

    3. I have never thought to hard about where the power lies between distributors, consumers, and producers, but it makes sense that the power would be shifting to those who can affectively market and distribute the goods.

  2. May 2023
    1. I got a notebook, handmade paper, and pencils made fromrecycled scraps.

      its connecting to the start of the book

    2. Arul answered for me. He said you were Christian,

      only now did i realize that the "you" is because this is viji's letter

    3. But by the time we stood by your bed, your own body was asstiff as a wooden doll’s and it was too late.

      she died.

    4. When I think of it now, it seems so clear, so simple that Ishould have gone straight to Celina Aunty once your fever spiked.

      finally you understood what you have to do.

    5. Appa broke Amma’s arm that night, before storming out of thehouse.

      The father is very abusive

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