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  1. Mar 2021
    1. They pocket the payment, an average of $178, an amount close to the basic salary

      jadi jurnal-jurnal LN (luar negeri/luar Indonesia) tersebut menargetkan para peneliti yang ingin naik jabatan (dan pendapatan) dengan menyediakan layanan penerbitan makalah secara cepat, sehingga cepat terbit dengan imbalan biaya rata-rata USD 178.

      Average APC price by publisher ranges from 246 to 2,851 USD. sustaining the knowledge commons

      sekarang mari kita bayangkan. dengan harga rata-rata APC antara 246-2851 USD (yang umumnya diterbitkan oleh penerbit LN yang telah berpengalaman), apa yang didapatkan dengan kemampuan bayar apc rata-rata 178 usd? mestinya tidak sama levelnya dengan jurnal-jurnal dengan kisaran APC rata-rata sesuai data kutipan di atas.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. The Indian government is pushing a bold proposal that would make scholarly literature accessible for free to everyone in the country

      "... accessible for free ..."

      open access sampai hari ini memang hanya diartikan sebagai membuat artikel ilmiah dapat diunduh dengan membayar APC atau dikenal sebagai modus Gold OA.

      Artikel oleh Peter Suber ini menjelaskan bahwa OA tidak hanya bisa dilakukan melalui jurnal Gold OA.

  3. Apr 2020
    1. In geochemistry, we know that around US$7,000,000 each year is spent on open access to journals [9], with virtually none of this being reinvested into the community itself or the community being reimbursed. Given the immense value of preprints, reinvesting this value into more sustainable community-led non-profit ventures, such as EarthArXiv, is of great potential.
      • Biaya (dalam bentuk APC) yang dikeluarkan untuk menerbitkan makalah sangat tinggi. Biaya tersebut adalah di luar (on top) dari biaya riset yang telah dikeluarkan oleh peneliti atau lembaga pemberi dana riset (funder).
      • Biaya publikasi merupakan proporsi anggaran untuk sebuah dokumen yang berada di bagian akhir dari siklus riset, bukan anggaran inti.
      • Akan lebih baik kalau anggaran publikasi tersebut, sebagian besar atau seluruhnya dialirkan untuk membiayai kegiatan inti, yaitu riset.
      • Referensi: MDPI APC, NCBI, Tabel, King 2007, Calaos, 2011
  4. Jan 2018
  5. Jun 2017
    1. (ICTs) in facilitating the fulfilment of other human rights such as the right to health, education, and participation in public debate, particularly for marginalised groups. There are no internet-specific resolutions expected at HRC35;
    2. view a report by the High Commissioner for Human Rights on ways to bridge the digital gender divide and reports of the Special Rapporteur on the freedoms of peaceful assembly and association that discuss a range of online privacy issues including censorship and government surveillance.
    3. tresses that hate speech online has “exponential reach, spinning the web of violations in real time and into the future.”
  6. Apr 2017
    1. It could if we had more gold, but I am here to tell you that we do not. The boom Brandon just mentioned in the sciences has passed us by. ACLS funds a lot of scholarship, and we award $15 million in fellowship and grants, but if recipients of our fellowships use stipends to pay author fees that would be trading publication costs for research time. The National Endowment for Humanities, its funding is now 29% of its peak appropriation, and an additional 49% cut has been proposed, and the House Budget Committee is considering complete elimination of all funding. If the author pays model were widely adopted in the humanities, it would increase the already problematical level of inequality in academia. Wealthy universities could pay for their faculty but scholars at public universities and smaller colleges could not expect such largesse.

      Why APC doesn't work in the humanities

  7. Jan 2016
    1. The APC model itself has become more complicated, with variable APCs (e.g. based on length), discounts, prepayments and institutional membership schemes, offsetting and bundling arrangements for hybrid publications, an individual membership scheme, and so on (page 91; 93).