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  1. May 2016
    1. There is always first the Idea, not considering at this moment the necessity or occasion for Itsappearance. It matters not whence the Idea comes, from within or without; for it is always I whoinspire It or cause It to impress your consciousness at the particular moment it does.Then, just to the extent that you grow quiet and focus your attention upon that Idea, stilling allthe activities of your mind and eliminating all other ideas and thoughts from your consciousness,so that Idea can have full sway, do I illumine your mind and cause to unfold before your mentalgaze the various phases and possibilities contained within that Idea.This takes place, however, up to this point, without any volition on your part, other than focusingor concentrating your attention upon the Idea.

      Inspiration arises............ it is always from Source no matter how it arrives.

      I need to grow quiet and focus on the inspiration, the Idea and let go all arising through about it..... only then can I receive more deeply and my mind be illuminated......... all I need do is focus my attention on the inspiration/Idea.......... there is nothing for the little me, the personal self to figure out.....

    2. Then, as the Sun of Know-ing begins to rise on the horizon of your consciousness;Then, will you feel the swell of a wondrous strange Breath filling you to the extreme of all yourmortal members, causing your senses almost to burst with the ecstasy of it; then, will there comesurge after surge of a mighty, resistless Power rising within you, lifting you almost off the Earth;then, will you feel within the Glory, the Holiness, the Majesty of My Presence;And then, then you will KNOW, I AM, God.You, -- when you have felt Me thus in such moments within, when you have tasted of MyPower, hearkened to My Wisdom, and know the ecstasy of My all-embracing Love, -- no diseasecan touch, no circumstance can weaken, no enemy can conquer you. For now you KNOW I AMwithin, and you always hereafter will turn to Me in your need, putting all your trust in Me, andallowing Me to manifest My Will.You, when you turn thus to Me, will always find Me an unfailing and ever present help in timeof need; for I will so fill you with a Realization of My Presence and of My Power, that you needonly Be Still and allow Me to do whatever you want done -- heal your ills and those of others,illumine your mind so you can see with My eyes the Truth you seek, or perform perfectly thetasks which before seemed almost impossible of accomplishmen

      To come to truly Know that God is within me, to Know it as a felt Reality............ And in all and every circumstances turn within to Me... turn to God and trust that support will unfailing...

    3. 4Be Still! and KNOW I AM GodNow, in order that you may learn to know Me, so that you can be sure it is I, your own True Self,Who speak these words, you must first learn to Be Still, to quiet your human mind and body andall their activities, so that you no longer are conscious of them.You may not yet be able to do this, but I will teach you how, if you really want to know Me, andare willing to prove it by trusting Me and obeying Me in all that I now shall call upon you to do

      It clearly says that the voice that is speaking is the voice of my own True Self. To hear this voice though I need to allow the body mind to quieten, to become still. It reassures that even if I don't know how to do this I will be shown, however this will require my willingness and trust.