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  1. Apr 2024
    1. the Discovering Technology Lab focused on DIY and do-it-together (DIT) technologies, collaborative design, making, hacking, hardware, software, and sustainable technologies. All attendees received a DiscoTech zine and were invited to “get down with Phunky Phone Phreaks, Fierce Fashionistas, Data Viz Wiz Kids, Documentation Doctors, Tech Help Desk Divas and our Wonderful Webmaking Friends


  2. Apr 2023
    1. The idea of bricolage produces a new way to talk about, and think about, systems and structures without falling into the trap of trying to build a new stable system out of the ruins of a deconstructed one.

      Avoids being 'striated by the state apparatus' in D&G's terms

    2. A bricoleur doesn’t care about the purity or stability or ‘truth’ of a system he or she uses, but rather uses what’s there to get a particular job done.


    3. pre-existing things together in new ways, and makes do with whatever is at hand.

      In CLMooc, we call this remix

  3. Sep 2017
    1. The icebreaker for meetings became what they called craft aperitifs, small projects that kept their hands moving. These events invoked a particular idea of “craft” that we elaborate later, one that drew connec-tions between women’s contemporary milestones and feminist histories of handwork.

      Interesante ver cómo unas materialidades particulares, alientan otros diálogos.

      En el caso de Grafoscopio, éste nos permite hablar del bricolage que lo constituye: historia, informática, activismo, visualización, entre otros.



    1. Creolization, however, does not seek or avoid conflict but aims to transform tech-nology or come up with new practices so that the technical systems better serves user needs. Creolization draws on bricolage practices (Lévi-Strauss, 1966), identifying the components of the technology that can be re-used, modified, or recombined to create something new. Creolization finds users more deeply involved in transforming technol-ogy than baroquization.

      En el caso de Grafoscopio, el bricolage combina partes de Leo, con Jupyter, con Pharo, del lado técnico y el objeto activista, la investigación reproducible, las narrativas, la visualización ágil y el activismo de datos, la escritura estructurada. Dichas combinaciones crean algo nuevo, tanto en el caso de los artefactos tecnológicos, como de las prácticas que se entrecruzan alrededor de ellos.

    2. Appropriation considers both learn-ing-by-using and learning-by-doing as central to the development of new processes (Rosenberg, 1982). Learning-by-doing in particular assumes that knowledge emerges through bricolage—tinkering with and recombining technology elements, thus enhancing one’s understanding (Lévi-Strauss, 1966). For Tuomi (2002), learning through appropria-tion is a user-centered process whereby users meld culture with material resources to innovate.

      Los principios de diseño en Smalltalk hacen que aprender haciendo sea uno de los elementos centrales de la estética de encuentro que favorece esta materialidad.

      El continuo donde no hay diferencia entre el entorno de desarrollo y el de usuario, o entre usuario y hacedor, favorece el aprender haciendo. Ejercicios como los del Manual de Periodismo de Datos, son un llamado más directo a la acción y, por tanto, a aprender haciendo, particularmente acá, hemos visto mediante el ejemplo cómo cambiar la herramienta para adecuarla a las necesidades que el ejercicio mismo del manual ha sucitado, pero que se pueden abstraer para otros problemas.

    1. Counter to a high-minded association of “liberal projects,” projects in hackerspaces resisted a final form. The action in hackerspace is more bricolage(Lévi Strauss, 1962, p. 18)than engineering. Projects in Geekspace arose spontaneously. Their inertia drew people to the space, bringing their tools and ideas that would then supplement the ideas of others. This churn is captured by how projects were seen as a success of the new space even though very few projects were actually finished.

      Grafoscopio, el Data Week y las Data Rodas efectivamente atrajeron gente nueva al espacio, a pesar de su caracter inacabado y en continuo movimiento. También ha favorecido el diálogo de saberes y los aportes diversos, si bien hay un fuerte énfasis en el código y la escritura como manera de reificar dichos saberes.

  4. Nov 2014
    1. Scholars, intellectuals, and bricoleurs

      Eine Zusammenfassung zu diesem Aufsatz unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Verhältnisses der Wissenspraxis Bricolage zu den Digital Humanities gibt es auch im Redaktions-Tumblr von LIBREAS.