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  1. May 2022
    1. FastCGI是语言无关的、可伸缩架构的CGI开放扩展,其主要行为是将CGI解释器进程一直保持在内存,不是fork-and-execute,并因此获得较高的性能。FastCGI支持分布式部署,可以部署在WEB服务器以外的多个主机上。 PHP-CGI作为PHP自带的PHP FastCGI管理器对FastCGI的管理方式简单,也不够灵活高效。 PHP-FPM为了解决PHP-CGI的不足,为PHP FastCGI提供了一种新的进程管理方式,可以有效控制进程,平滑重载PHP配置,其master process是常驻内存的,worker process有static、dynamic、ondemand三种管理方式。PHP-FPM进程池中的CGI在接受并处理完pm.max_requests个用户请求后将会respawn,并不会保证单个CGI是long-live and always be running,而会以更加灵活高效的方式来保证客户端的连接请求可以被多个CGI处理。
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    1. Mr. Russell, or some version of him, assays the role with a weird, disrupting digital face-lift that’s meant to suggest the young Ego, but really only makes you contemplate whether this Benjamin Button-style age-reversing is going to become an increasingly standard (and creepy) industry practice.

      So, in Ant Man, there is the same thing with Michael Douglas. I totally think it will be a common thing. Not just for flashbacks but for actors who want to play the role "younger."