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  1. Apr 2023
  2. Jan 2023
    1. tl;dw (best DevOps tools in 2023)

      1. Low-budget cloud computing : Civo (close to Scaleway)
      2. Infrastructure and Service Management: Crossplane
      3. App Management - manifests : cdk8s (yes, not Kustomize or Helm)
      4. App Management - k8s operators: tie between Knative and Crossplane
      5. App Management - managed services: Google Cloud Run
      6. Dev Envs: Okteto (yeap, not GitPod)
      7. CI/CD: GitHub Actions (as it's simplest to use)
      8. GitOps (CD): Argo CD (wins with Flux due to its adoption rate)
      9. Policy Management: Kyverno (simpler to use than industry's most powerful tool: OPA / Gatekeeper)
      10. Observability: OpenTelemetry (instrumentation of apps), VictoriaMetrics (metrics - yes not Prometheus), Grafana / Loki (logs), Grafana Tempo (tracing), Grafana (dashboards), Robusta (alerting), Komodor (troubleshooting)
  3. Mar 2022
    1. Ivy versus Helm I only used Helm for a very short period of time so I'm unable to provide compare the two fairly. I never ran into issues with Helm when I did run it. The one thing I can say was there was always a nagging feeling that I wasn't using Helm to its full potential. It felt like I had my hands on a finely crafted ninja sword that could slay even the mightiest of foes with a single, effortless slash and I was using it to chop vegetables. Ivy has always felt simple and does exactly what I need it to. Its stayed out of my way for the most part and made some tasks, like switching between buffers and finding files, easy.

      Nice analogy

  4. Oct 2021