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  1. May 2024
    1. “I know myself. If I have three, I’ll have a fourth, and more.” I had neverheard someone his age say, I know myself. It intimidated me

      This is exactly what Elio lacks and tries to find in himself, a holistic idea of who he is and when Oliver demonstrates his many contradictions with yet the fact that he "knows himself", it intimidates and spins Elio's worldview.

  2. Apr 2024
    1. A few hourslater, when I remembered that he had just finished writing a book onHeraclitus and that “reading” was probably not an insignificant part of hislife, I realized that I needed to perform some clever backpedaling and lethim know that my real interests lay right alongside his

      Oliver wrote a book on Heraclitus, the main connector between his ideology, characterization, and the theory of universal flux, that one may not necessarily be one's past temporal part -- but one who continues it, like an illusion of movement.

  3. Jan 2023
    1. tl;dw (best DevOps tools in 2023)

      1. Low-budget cloud computing : Civo (close to Scaleway)
      2. Infrastructure and Service Management: Crossplane
      3. App Management - manifests : cdk8s (yes, not Kustomize or Helm)
      4. App Management - k8s operators: tie between Knative and Crossplane
      5. App Management - managed services: Google Cloud Run
      6. Dev Envs: Okteto (yeap, not GitPod)
      7. CI/CD: GitHub Actions (as it's simplest to use)
      8. GitOps (CD): Argo CD (wins with Flux due to its adoption rate)
      9. Policy Management: Kyverno (simpler to use than industry's most powerful tool: OPA / Gatekeeper)
      10. Observability: OpenTelemetry (instrumentation of apps), VictoriaMetrics (metrics - yes not Prometheus), Grafana / Loki (logs), Grafana Tempo (tracing), Grafana (dashboards), Robusta (alerting), Komodor (troubleshooting)
  4. Dec 2022
    1. “The invention of the ship,” as Paul Virilio wrote, “was also the invention of the shipwreck.”

      Every innovation drags a host of new concepts into existence with it. Ways it can succeed, fail. All clouding around its reputation and providing handles for people to wield it.

  5. Mar 2022
  6. Jul 2021
  7. Mar 2021
  8. Apr 2020
    1. Des applications de visites guidées intelligentes s’appuient sur un processus de gestion des flux visiteurs (Visitor Flow Management Process, VFMP) pour les orienter vers les zones où ils sont le moins nombreux. Il s’agira alors de combiner les données sur l’affluence en temps réel pour chaque espace avec les souhaits et les goûts des visiteurs pour suggérer le parcours personnalisé idéal

      Argument en faveur de l'IA qui permet bien de gérer le flux mais ajoute un second bénéfice : proposer un parcours idéal. Ce bénéfice supplémentaire peut être considéré comme un argument réthorique de type Logos.

  9. Mar 2020
    1. Every store will receive every action.


  10. Apr 2017
    1. the"music"cannotbemadeclearanddistinctfromotherfactors,suchasitsnearinaudibility,thecompetingsoundsofwindandrain,moodsetterssuchaslight,andsoon.Themusic,inotherwords,mergeswithitssurroundings,

      This is akin to Edbauer's use of "bleeding" or "flux"

    1. an ongoing social flux. Situation bleeds into the concatenation of public interaction. Public interactions bleed into wider social processes. The dements (if' rhetorical situation simply bleed.

      It seems odd to me that Edbauer keeps using the word "concatenation" (which has already been defined in an above annotation and means "a series of connected events"), when her fundamental argument is not about a clear series of connections, but the blurred lines around rhetorical situations. Terms like "bleed" and "flux" seem a better characterization of her version of the rhetorical situation.

  11. Jan 2017