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    1. How can I capture STDERR from an external command?

      problem arises when using backticks to execute external commands

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    1. An alternate form of creating a 2-sized tuple is with the relation operator (->). This is a popular shortcut for representing key-value pairs in tuples:

      Also very Perl-like.

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    1. There are many ways to start... learn.perl.orgexternal link A brief introductionexternal link Free online Perl books Join your local community Books and More

      Perl's learning resources | http://www.perl.org/learn.html

    1. Full Text Beginning Perl Modern Perl Impatient Perl Extreme Perl Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason Picking Up Perl Perl 5 Internals Practical Mod Perl Perl & LWP

      Full e-books on Perl