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  1. Nov 2020
    1. Social Annotation and an Inclusive Praxis for Open Pedagogy in the College Classroom.

      This is a fantastic article, published in a journal that includes social annotation as core functionality.

    2. Strategies to Author Annotation as brave Writing

      Great resource for shaping "brave writing" experiences for educators and/or students.

    3. “the messiness of meaning- making”

      And when meaning making is not messy, by means of what process is it "cleaned up"? This has me thinking that "ordered" or "clean" learning is maybe always less, or at least less authentic, learning.

      "Pile of Covered Books" by Ryan Adams

    4. this article in the 2019– 20 LEARN syllabus
    5. Annotation, as critical writing, is a literal, symbolic, and social means of re- marking upon and speaking truth to power.

      This has me thinking about how social annotation performs a kind of "estrangement" that maybe breaks down boundaries between the creation/publication and the reception/reading of texts when words from the authors and readers intermix in the same experience.

    6. Annotation is first draft thinking.

      oh! Annotation is brave because it is "first draft thinking"!

    7. a wider com-munity of people out there that cares about equity and is ready and willing to engage in talking about it seriously

      Just heard this from another MS participant too: finding a community of other people out there who share my experience and concerns when that is sometimes hard to find "locally".

    8. It also means that my annotations are in the paths of others and I need to consider that, forcing me to add context and consideration to my own notes.

      Epiphany! Social annotating while reading brings to READING a stance I try to have when WRITING: considering an audience. Do I read differently when my annotations mean my reading has an audience?

    9. Hypoth-esis

      Hypothesis is deeply supportive of the Marginal Syllabus community and activities!

    10. advance a marginal counternarrative to conventional profes-sional development

      I wasn't expecting this third meaning for "marginal"...and its unexpectedness maybe illustrates its power: finding ways to advance professional development/community learning in environments that may not support the exploration of specific views and topics.

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