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  1. Nov 2023
    1. Why do Direct Leaders decentralize when they issue a token? Decentralization imposes costs on an organization — decisions are made more slowly by lower context people who are not held accountable for bad decisions — this is why companies don’t operate this way. These costs are being felt across the industry. Kevin Owocki, who left as Direct Leader of Gitcoin to later return, described a broader trend of “founders boomeranging” back into leadership to solve the organizational dysfunction caused by decentralization. As the impetus for governance changes, Rune Christensen wrote of MakerDAO in 2022, “The governance processes and political dynamics… fundamentally aren’t compatible with the reality of effectively processing complicated real-world financial deals.”

      Just keep relearning the lessons of a 1000 years of governance experiments.

      People have been trying decentralized governance for a really long time and it's really hard. Progress does not depend on structural innovation, duh! It depends mostly on ontological/cultural innovation (e.g. "god is watching" aka the internalized morality of e.g. late christian religion) with some amount of increased monitoring and transparency ...

  2. Jan 2023
    1. ‘Running on Emptiness – The Pathology of Civilisation’John Zerzan (2002) All religions have problems with ‘unbelievers’, but that response is insignificant compared to their visceral hatred of ‘apostates’.

      !- Book Review : Free Range Activist !- Title : ‘Running on Emptiness – The Pathology of Civilisation’ !- Author : John Zerzan (2002) !- Website : http://www.fraw.org.uk/blog/reviews/023/index.shtml

      • All religions have problems with ‘unbelievers’, but that response is insignificant compared to their visceral hatred of ‘apostates’.
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  7. Dec 2018
    1. SELECT sj.name , sja.* FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobactivity AS sja INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysjobs AS sj ON sja.job_id = sj.job_id WHERE sja.start_execution_date IS NOT NULL AND sja.stop_execution_date IS NULL

      View current running jobs SQL

  8. Jul 2018
    1. Contrary to the near-consensus amongst barefoot and minimalist runners, jogging and heel strike could be natural in certain contexts.

  9. Apr 2018
    1. pment environment the first thing you need to do is install h’s system depende

      I've installed and configure the project on my linux ubuntu based server on public ip 138.68.. but I'm unable to acces it on this ip address on port 5000, kindly suggest if anyoe have configured it on live server , how to access it

  10. Oct 2017
    1. A list of some simple suggested exercises to do with a foam roller. One notable point was a recommendation that exercises should be done before workouts.

  11. Feb 2017
    1. “Work hard,” he said. “But not every day.”

      Wise words for all of us.

    2. “Never 100 percent in any session,” Trouw said. “That’s the philosophy.”

      Makes sense. Only go all out on race day.

    3. WIRED’s exclusive look at Breaking2, Nike’s revolutionary attempt to break the two-hour marathon mark

      Wow! A sub-two hour marathon! That would be amazing.

  12. Aug 2015
    1. Many of the Forerunner models have the ability to easily delete anything older than 30 days (Menu > History > Run > Delete > Keep 30 days > ok) For the Forerunner 110/210, Garmin says do this:Press and hold page/menu button until menu appears Select OK on History Press up or down button to locate activity to be deleted Press start/stop and lap/reset simultaneously Release on buttons once Delete Activity message appears Press OK on Yes A message Delete all activities? will appear* If wanting to delete all activities, select Yes

      Garmin Forerunner 210 history clear / delete steps