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  1. May 2024
    1. for - wicked problems - synthentic opiods coming to EU faster due to successful Taliban war on poppy industry

      summary - the new synthetic opiod "Nitazene" is being manufactured in China and replaces the banned fentanyl. It is 300x stronger than heroin. - Due to the Taliban's successful war on drugs that has stamped out 95% of the poppy production, EU drug addicts are turning to the far more deadly nitazine

      from - youtube - BBC - Inside the Taliban's war on Drugs - https://hyp.is/hKPiKBYbEe-2ZCPwUTz0Lg/docdrop.org/video/W-gMRFEZOGY/

    1. the whole world is affected by it opium ferret from Afghan Fields produces nearly all of the heroines sold in Europe how will prices be impacted

      for - question - how will the Taliban's successful destruction of the poppy industry affect drug supplies in Europe?

      to - youtube - Vice - The new fentanyl killing drug users in Europe - https://hyp.is/MDez0BYcEe-rq0sJ-I6FRg/docdrop.org/video/JqqfI-bIvnI/

    2. I asked him why he defied the ban if you don't have enough food in your 00:02:22 house and your children are going hungry what else will you do if we grew wheat instead we won't earn enough to survive

      for - complexity - wicked problem - polycrisis - afghanistan Taliban drug war

      wicked problem - Taliban drug war - Afghanistan produced 80% of the world's opium for heroin and now it has lauched an aggressive and successful campaign to eradicate opium production - The farmers grow opium because it is a lucrative crop and they can feed their family - It is now illegal to grow opium and the Taliban enforce by monitoring and destroying poppy fields - This is one of the ironies that poor families grow poppy to try to survive, yet are disconnected from the chaos their product causes in other parts of the world

  2. Aug 2021
    1. "Key success for the Taliban has been not harming those who surrendered," he added. "Internationally from the last few months, the ANDSF was deprived of the close air support, key leverage for the ANDSF in the battlefield. That inflicted huge damage to the security forces."

      The Taliban was specifically not harming those who surrendera ccording to Katawazai.

  3. May 2019
    1. in May 2014, a small group of young Taliban gunmen stormed a Kabul hotel and executed nine people in the restaurant

      This is the incident, at Wikipedia.

  4. Dec 2016
    1. Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist group, seized control, later providing Osama bin Laden with a training base from which to launch terrorist operations worldwide.
    1. Instead, according to the well-known story, the Taliban arose in extremist madrassas in Pakistan, spread across war-weary Afghanistan in two short years, and imposed an alien theocracy on the population the likes of which the world had never before seen. They were a phenomenon unprecedented in Afghan history, this story goes, a symptom of the hyper-regionalization of the conflict.
  5. Feb 2014