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  1. Jun 2020
  2. Sep 2018
    1. "What I think surprises people most about human trafficking in Utah is that it actually happens here," Smith said. "We have cases from all over the state from Duchesne County to the Wasatch Front to Ogden — it doesn't matter the size of the county. We have it." Smith said, nationwide, 87 percent of the population believes human trafficking is a problem, but only 23 percent believe it happens in their own communities.

      Issues that might not "hit close to home" are still valid and important issues; especially human trafficking within our own community.

  3. Aug 2018
    1. But he maintains his position on neutrality. Additional displays, he said during the forum,  would not be neutral due to differing philosophies in the community.

      this isn't neutrality. Choosing to not have displays is taking a side

  4. Feb 2017
    1. The weather service says the river is slightly above flood stage below the Cutler Dam
    2. Utah needs the water