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  1. Sep 2023
    1. The same thing applies with lead assignment rules Salesforce – you can define which users will be assigned leads that come from your website and which users will be assigned leads that come from social media.

      By automating this process, businesses can ensure that leads and cases are handled promptly and by the most suitable team members, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  2. Mar 2023
  3. Jan 2023
    1. ] As you go to the stadium along the road from the Metroum, there is on the left at the bottom of Mount Cronius a platform of stone, right by the very mountain, with steps through it. By the platform have been set up bronze images of Zeus.

      Stadium Mentioned

    2. here is also by the wall of the Altis a Zeus turned towards the setting of the sun; it bears no inscription, but is said to be another offering of Mummius made from the plunder of the Achaean war. [5.24.9] But the Zeus in the Council Chamber

      Mention of a wall and council chamber

    3. eside the Pelopium is a pillar of no great height with a small image of Zeus on it; one hand is outstretched. Opposite this are other offerings in a row, and likewise images of Zeus and Ganymedes.

      Another Description of a piller

    4. These I saw myself as they were being dug out. A temple of no great size in the Doric style they have called down to the present day Metroum,51 keeping its ancient name. No image lies in it of the Mother of the gods, but there stand in it statues of Roman emperors. The Metroum is within the Altis, and so is a round building called the Philippeum. On the roof of the Philippeum is a bronze poppy which binds the beams together.

      Town Hall and Metroum Descriptions

    5. In the temple of Hera is an image of Zeus, and the image of Hera is sitting on a throne with Zeus standing by her, bearded and with a helmet on his head. They are crude works of art. The figures of Seasons next to them, seated upon thrones, were made by the Aeginetan Smilis.41 Beside them stands an image of Themis, as being mother of the Seasons. It is the work of Dorycleidas, a Lacedaemonian by birth and a disciple of Dipoenus and Scyllis.

      Further Description of the Temple of Hera

    6. TEMPLE OF OLYMPIAN HERA [5.16.1] XVI. It remains after this for me to describe the temple of Hera and the noteworthy objects contained in it.

      Temple of Hera Described.

    1. Outside the Altis, but on the right of the Leonidaeum, is an altar of Artemis of the Market,

      Alter of Artemis mentioned next to Leonidaeum

    2. Now return back again to the Altis opposite the Leonidaeum. [5.15.2] The Leonidaeum is outside the sacred enclosure, but at the processional entrance to the Altis, which is the only way open to those who take part in the processions. It was dedicated by Leonidas, a native, but in my time the Roman governors of Greece used it as their lodging.

      Leonidaeum is described.

    3. Quite close to the entrance to the stadium are two altars; one they call the altar of Hermes of the Games, the other the altar of Opportunity

      Alters near the stadium.

    4. To the right of the entrance of the temple of Zeus, on the north side, lies the Pelopium. It is far enough removed from the temple for statues and other offerings to stand in the intervening space, and beginning at about the middle of the temple it extends as far as the rear chamber. It is surrounded by a stone fence, within which trees grow and statues have been dedicated.

      Temple of pelopium

    5. The temple and the image were made for Zeus from spoils, when Pisa was crushed in war by the Eleans,20 and with Pisa such of the subject peoples as conspired together with her. The image itself was wrought by Pheidias, as is testified by an inscription written under the feet of Zeus:– Pheidias, son of Charmides, an Athenian, made me. The temple is in the Doric style, and the outside has columns all around it. It is built of native stone. [5.10.3] Its height up to the pediment is sixty-eight feet, its breadth is ninety-five, its length two hundred and thirty. The architect was Libon, a native. The tiles are not of baked earth, but of Pentelic marble cut into the shape of tiles. The invention is said to be that of Byzes of Naxos, who they say made the images in Naxos on which is the inscription:–

      Description of the Temple of Zeus

    6. By the time you reach Olympia the Alpheius is a large and very pleasant river to see, being fed by several tributaries, including seven very important ones. The Helisson joins the Alpheius passing through Megalopolis; the Brentheates comes out of the territory of that city; past Gortyna, where is a sanctuary of Asclepius, flows the Gortynius; from Melaeneae, between the territories of Megalopolis and Heraea, comes the Buphagus; from the land of the Clitorians the Ladon; from Mount Erymanthus a stream with the same name as the mountain.

      Description of the river near Olympia

    7. As you go from Scillus along the road to Olympia, before you cross the Alpheius,there is a mountain with high, precipitous cliffs. It is called Mount Typaeum.

      The starting point for the description of Olympia and from view we have at the start.

    1. Float is a function or reusable code in the Python programming language that converts values into floating point numbers. Floating point numbers are decimal values or fractional numbers like 133.5, 2897.11, and 3571.213, whereas real numbers like 56, 2, and 33 are called integers.

      Meaning of Float in Python proramming language

    1. PascalCase

      I typically like to use PascalCase to indicate variables in my code. It is common in large development environments to have a coding standard document that defines how each programmer on the team will use various conventions

  4. Apr 2022
    1. the goal of the move constructor and move assignment is to move ownership of the resources from one object to another (which is typically much less expensive than making a copy).

      move constructor 和 move assignment 的目的是什么?

  5. Aug 2021
  6. May 2021
    1. Assignment

      start giving sample works articles that they can write on Follow suggestions in the doc aRGUMEN, DESCRPITIVE, NARRATVIE Only practice for this month July- one text- 1st, 2nd, 3rd draft each draft will be sent to us - Word doc with all revision history

      Mrinlain needs help with summary wriitng Akshath beats around the bush Avani - is good

      9 grade language- poetry- 1 class

  7. Feb 2021
    1. Course content headings should stand out in terms of font and position relative to other wording and outline. Use of bullets, italics and balancing does not enhance readability. Also, consistency of the columns and layout for the table are off, causing inconsistency and confusion due to improper alignments and proportion lacking overall for the contents table and outline. Topic headers are of the same color, value, shape and form for calling out new and important categories, where they should have different shape and form as well as alignment. Additional emphasis could be added to grading section to call out evaluative criteria for this are. Movement from section to section should be consistent with formatting and shapes as well as alignments that guide reader and students strategically. Hyperlinks could be properly formatted to allow for seamless movement through syllabus allowing for better connectivity and fluidity. More strategic use of images that guide learner in direction of necessary materials and reading texts associated with the class, which also allow for a variety and contrast between themes and required materials.

  8. Jul 2020
    1. White supremacists marched with torches during a rally in Charlottesville, Va.Credit...Edu Bayer for The New York Times

      Fire has historically been used in battle, and as a fear tactic. Take the Great Fire of London in 1666, which destroyed thousands upon thousands of homes, churches, and businesses. While that fire may have been an accident, it's a testament to the destructive power of fire.

      There are many things, passive and active, that white supremacists could accomplish with such tiki torches, including burning people of color in direct combat. Considering the nature of white supremacy, I'm surprised I have not seen such accounts of violence on the news.

    2. SAN FRANCISCO — Riding a motorized pony and strumming a cigar box ukulele, Dana Cory led a singalong to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.”“You’re a Nazi and you’re fired, it’s your fault,” she sang. “You were spotted in a mob, now you lost your freaking job. You’re a Nazi and you’re fired, it’s your fault.”“All together now!” Ms. Cory, 48, shouted to a cheering crowd in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood on Saturday. They were protesting a rally planned by far-right organizers about a mile away.“Dox a Nazi all day, every day,” she said.

      Well, that's a heck of a way to start off an article.

      Honestly, there's a certain sort of camaraderie within protests. Not all of them are jovial, as what seems to be going on here, but by their nature, they're very passionate. At the BLM protest in Walnut Creek I attended, we were blowing out our lungs chanting in support of the fallen, and I ended up getting swept away on a wave of justified anger by the time we flooded onto the freeway. A large source of anger amongst the protestors is that the cops overseeing the protests, for the most part, covered their badge numbers and other identifying teachers, meaning that by the time tear gas and rubber bullets were on the table, there was no enemy more specific than the Walnut Creek Police Department. You can't exactly doxx a whole police department and expect it to have as severe of a consequence as if the individual police officers were prosecuted individually.

      P.S.: I note the bias in my annotation, but the difficulty in diffuse consequences stands.

    1. It was, after all, the digital equivalent of must-see TV. “Have not been this riveted since the final episode of Lost, and this *didn’t* piss me off! Amazing!” wrote one Twitter user in reply to Blair’s thread. “Please @TheEllenShow have a look on it! We need to know more about this happy end,” wrote another. Blair should be credited, if nothing else, with spinning the relatively unremarkable behavior of two strangers into such a simple but compelling story.

      This is a remarkable insight. While I can definitely empathize with the entertainment value of such a livestream type of entertainment, having watched people make fools of themselves online or play video games, the involuntary aspect of it is unsettling. Saying that these happenings didn't piss them off means that the Twitter user came in with an expectation that this unfolding story should be consumable and intriguing while not breaking off or taking a drastic turn for the worse, as many "first-date" type scenarios do. And I wouldn't even consider this a real first date! Then again, I'm not one to speak for the duo involved.

    2. This is the Faustian alchemy of social media: we are all given the opportunity to become celebrities in an instant, sometimes for nonsensical reasons, with or without our input. But we gain virtually none of the benefits of that fame, none of the glamor or the institutional support to help deal with the invasiveness of celebrity and how it can eat away at every boundary you ever took for granted.

      We don't get to control our own coverage online. Sure, with lawyers and copyright strikes, you can control the spread to the extent, but without an overruling power, such as in the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (AKA: North Korea), people are free to access, interpret, and share information mostly at their own discretion. This is a great thing in the context of freedom, but this also can lead the the spread of misinformation, confusion, and untoward feelings.

  9. Jan 2020
    1. assignment one

      This is a very intresting tool, hopefully i will start to understand it better.

  10. Nov 2019
    1. The only place he could think of was the Trianon in mid-town

      Mapping Assignment Location - Emi and Ichiro go dancing

    2. Thinking that he heard a knocking on the front door, he remained still and listened. It came again, faintly, hesitantly. He went through the store, wondering who it could be.

      Emi coming to Ichiro's store to talk about his mother's passing - Mapping Assignment location

    3. He squirmed uneasily and wondered if Taro would acknowledge the telegram which he had sent the day before after finally having hunted down the information that he was taking basic training in a California camp

      Mapping Assignment Location - Taro's location during Ma's funeral

    4. HE FUNERAL WAS HELD SEVERAL DAYS LATER AT THE BUDDHIST church up on the hill next to a playground.

      Mapping Assignment Location - Ma's funeral

    5. They did not speak again until the car was beside the grocery store.

      Mapping assignment

    6. I went to Portland with him.”

      Mapping Assignment Location

    7. ‘Put my ashes in an orange crate and dump them in the Sound off Connecticut Street Dock where the sewer runs out,’

      Mapping Assignment Location

  11. Oct 2019
    1. Disposable Assignment

      Disposable assignments can often be mistaken for low stakes assessments and lower levels of Bloom's taxonomy. The key here may be how long the assignment takes the student to complete and does it have value in highlighting key points of a particular learning module. Low stakes assessments can be powerful so defining what disposable means could be tricky work but important.

    1. This year's Miss Eastwood winner, 17-year-old PLC Pymble student Lucy Fang of Marsfield, said she would use the $1000 prize money from Yuhu Group to restart a local reading program for young children. She also gets to lead Saturday's Granny Smith Festival parade. "I'm so excited to use this opportunity to give back to my community," she said.

      By this stage you would have been lamenting this disastrous assignment.

      It started out an quick and easy regurgitation to help a mate that only needed a few omissions and some unbalanced assertions and some of the cheaper of the available background paragraphs.

      And now you were hearing this year's winner would reinvest her cash prize into a community initiative. It wasn't what you signed up for.

      Where was the sinister, evil ingredient to be included in one line to top off your pre-written story?

  12. May 2019
    1. Last week, 17 people, most of them teenagers, were shot dead at a Florida school. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School now joins the ranks of Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine and too many other sites of American carnage. What do these shootings have in common? Guns, yes. But also, boys. Girls aren’t pulling the triggers. It’s boys. It’s almost always boys.

      Yes and No...It is true that these horrific events happened. The articles are all over the web with a simple search. So the facts are true. But the last few statement contradict each other. It is true that the events she specifically provided all involves a male culprit. But by saying "Girls aren't pulling the trigger"..."many other sites of American Carnage"..."its boys. It's almost always boys" is contradicting, thus false. There are female shooters too. Here's some examples. 1) A women shooter at YouTube Headquarters in California, a very recent event. 2) A women who shot up a elementary school in the lates 1900s: Brenda Spencer. So far of what I have read, I believe that gender has nothing to do with shooting and crimes. The causation is more related to gun laws, federal/city laws, and mental illness, but that is another argument.

      But what I agree on is that there are more male shooters/criminals that male. But why is that? What I believe is that is has to do with biological, psychological, and social factors, which I will answer a bit more as I get through the reading.

    2. I used to have this one-liner: “If you want to emasculate a guy friend, when you’re at a restaurant, ask him everything that he’s going to order, and then when the waitress comes … order for him.” It’s funny because it shouldn’t be that easy to rob a man of his masculinity — but it is.

      If this statement is implying all guys has the same level of sensitivity and pride, then that is clearly wrong. I, for example, this situation won't strip my masculinity away as well as many guys. But if the author is implying that a man's masculinity is sensitive, then yes, I agree that is true. But each man have a certain degree of masculinity, and how they respond varies. (This is just an introductory to their point of their article, I will continue reading)

  13. Mar 2018
  14. Feb 2018
    1. Week 1 Teaching Notes:

      Creating THE Syllabus: a thought project

      Queer Mainstreams and the Queer Cannon

      Creating an OPEN syllabus -- a way to think about this course more broadly

      "If it can't be shared, it can't be taught" : Free/Queer/CUNY

      Turning principles into projects: shared labor

      So our TO-Do list includes: finding resources, using technology, knowing our context, sharing the labor

      Assignment for Week 2:

      1. Subscribe to CUNY Commons and enroll in our site

      2. Begin identifying and evaluating OER for an undergrad queer studies course (of some kind)

      3. Begin researching the CUNY contexts for that course as one way of evaluating the OER.

      4. Begin posting your findings to our Free Queer CUNY Commons site. Tag your name and keywords

      Questions for Class Thursday, Feb. 15

      –why call it the CUNY ”Commons”? What does that word tap into in terms of intellectual communities? –what are the guiding principles and practices of the Commons? When it works best, what do you see it doing? –how does the Commons enable us to work across CUNY? Here, you might even just step us through parts of the Commons, linking functionality to the needs of academic organization.

      –What is Wordpress? What’s the bigger Wordpress picture? –When you see Wordpress working well for instructors, what does that look like? –How does Wordpress connect to the uses of open educational resources and the idea of shared academic labor?

  15. Oct 2017
    1. Assignment statements provide a way to associate a name with a value

      Variable = Expression

      An Expression is evaluated and the it's value (reference to an object) is assigned to a Variable

  16. Jun 2017
  17. Mar 2017
    1. Egocentric analysis shifts the analytical lens onto a sole ego actor and concentrates on the local pattern of relations in which that ego is embedded as well as the types of resources to which those relations provide access.

      Given the nature of my data (Forbes top companies), I think it would be appropriate to look at specific countries as the Ego and the job categories as the alters. Am I correct in assuming that the local pattern of relations would be how my selected county (the ego) is connected to other countries through job category?

    2. it is possible to examine directed relations in egocentric network studies, or what are referred to as out- and in-neighborhoods: ties sent or ties received

      Since I am working with countries and job categories, I think it would be best for me to work with non directional neighborhoods. I would like to see some directed ego centric data though.

    3. This is the simplest type of ego network data, which makes defining the ego neighborhood a straightforward task.

      In my project, I will define the ego neighborhood in this straightforward way--ego and alter are linked if they were co-authors on a published paper. I would like to explore the ego-centric network of a few top productive authors, to analyse their collaboration patterns. Specifically, do these top productive authors tend to have cross-disciplinary partnerships, inter-institutional partnerships, or with-in institutional partnerships?

    1. What definition(s) of the neighborhood will make sense for your research projects?

      A few could apply. Honestly I might need to do a lot of playing with my data to see how/if ego-centric networks will actually give me any meaningful measures. I'm interested in some of the brokerage concepts which is making me rethink a lot of what I've done so far.

    2. How ego-centric networks could be applied to your research projects?

      Egocentric networks could be applied to my assignment in various ways. One of the more interesting ones would be to compare similarly titled jobs (i.e. Instructional Designer) within different organizations (OIT v. College level) and/or to compare similarly connected individuals and determine their titles and positions to see if there are any takeaway commonalities.

    3. applied to your

      I could use ego-centric network analysis in my research by taking each individual ego and exploring the friendships between the each individual ego in relation to the network. Working with 2 smaller groups of 4 participants, I have already considered doing this, but this chapter has given me more ideas on how to incorporate this type of SNA. I would also like to explore the connection between egos coupled with any ties between alters.

    4. How ego-centric networks could be applied to your research projects?

      Since I am looking at teacher interactions across four groups in two years, I could use ego-centric networks to explore the role of particular actors -- to answer questions related to how particular actors influence interactions based on specific aspects of certain attributes - by looking at the quality/quantity of their initiated interactions for example. Another example is to look at the moderator's role -- each year there was a different but consistent moderator leading all four groups. Categorizing the moderator's interactions based on either quality or quantity could also be very revealing?

  18. Feb 2017
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  20. Aug 2015
  21. Jun 2015
    1. λR(W)

      In assignment 1, function svm_loss_naive, there is a 1/2 term before the regularization loss. Where does this come from?

      loss += 0.5 reg np.sum(W * W)