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      For a 9 x 13 pan of approximately 30 smallish bars: - 3 cups of rolled oats (toast 15 - 25 minutes if desired; longer if self-rolled) - 2 cups of almonds - 2 cups of pitted dates - 1/2 cup honey - 1/2 cup peanut butter - 1 cup of chocolate chips

    1. Typewriter Cleaning and Repair Basics #2 Type Bars, Case, and Crinkle Finish


      Segment comb cleaning - isopropyl alcohol (gentler solvent) - odorless mineral spirits - Lacquer thinner (maybe a bit too aggressive) - naphtha (lighter fluid) take care for flammability and ventilation

      Work solvent into bearing between type bar and segment comb. To dry things out one can used compressed air when done or just air dry.

      If sticking keys not due to being gummed up, bend portions slightly for better alighment.

      Do not lubricate the segment comb.

      Only lubricate the carriage rails when necessary.

      Exterior cleaning

      Brass bristle or nylon bristle brushes (toothbrushes) can be used to clean the exterior of the typewriter and/or cases with mild detergents or other solvents. Depending on the finish, try the brush and solvent on a small portion to determine colorfastness and potential scratching first.

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