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    1. Create a note by selecting some text and clickin

      Dette er praktisk, tenk å samle så mye informasjon

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    1. An annotation service like Hypothesis allows you to highlight, save, and (possibly) share individual lines from a text. This allows for saving this content across a page, and across multiple pages for themes. Used in discussion, this allows for collaborative reading exercises, or group annotations. This also allows for conducting research while you write and annotate. Since Hypothesis will import PDFs, you can annotate in the tool, it will give you a digital trail of breadcrumbs as you’re reading online to see what you found to be important. After you are finished reading and researching, you can go back and see what texts you’ve read, and the important elements from these pieces. Furthermore, if you effectively tag your annotations, you can look for larger themes across your readings.

      Interestingly, Diigo allows many of these same functions.

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    1. share their thoughts about a site with friends or colleagues

      A description of both social bookmarking in particular and most social media practices generally.

    2. organize and remember useful sites on the Web

      Bookmarking still isn’t a solved issue.

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