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  1. Jun 2022
    1. We can set things aside and get to them later when we arecalmer and more grounded.


      link to the idea of "poetry as memory recollected in tranquility"... quote tk



  2. Feb 2022
    1. good tools enhance invisibility
    2. A good tool is an invisible tool. By invisible, I mean that the tool does not intrude on your consciousness; you focus on the task, not the tool.
  3. Aug 2021
  4. Jul 2020
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  5. Sep 2013
    1. As to the frame of mind that makes people calm, it is plainly the opposite to that which makes them angry, as when they are amusing themselves or laughing or feasting; when they are feeling prosperous or successful or satisfied; when, in fine, they are enjoying freedom from pain, or inoffensive pleasure, or justifiable hope.

      Frame of mind for calmness, seems more believable and characteristic