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  1. Sep 2023
  2. Apr 2020
    1. Perhaps, for example, a Pwned Password is only allowed if multi-step verification is enabled. Maybe there are certain features of the service that are not available if the password has a hit on the pwned list.
  3. Mar 2020
    1. This is because the standard version of Google Analytics has a monthly limit of 10 million interactions per property. When a site exceeds this limit, they may start to forcibly exclude data that you send to them from being processed.  In effect, your data could become sampled, without any indication within the interface that it is doing so.  If data is being sampled, you’re not getting a clear picture of your site users and their behaviors.
    1. Did you know accurate data reporting is often capped? Meaning once your website traffic reaches a certain limit, the data then becomes a guess rather than factual.This is where tools like Google Analytics becomes extremely limited and cashes in with their GA360 Premium suite. At Matomo, we believe all data should be reported 100% accurately, or else what’s the point?
  4. Apr 2019
    1. He is known for his heavily opinionated editorial column in the school newspaper, in which he writes in all-capital letters to reflect his shrill voice