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  1. Oct 2023
    1. Warum sind Sie für die Selbstverwaltung an den Universitäten un-tauglich?Ich finde, daß man es in diesem Zusammenhang ausschließlich mitBagatellen zu tun hat, die ihre Bedeutung nur dadurch gewinnen,daß andere sich darüber aufregen. Man kann Entscheidungen nichtdelegieren. Eine Ausschußsitzung entsteht aus der anderen, undniemand glaubt einem, wenn man sagt, daß alles viel einfacher zuerledigen wäre.

      Ha! Even university committee meetings in the late XX C were apparently as bad as they still are today.



  2. Apr 2022
    1. Researchdemonstrates that students who engage in active learning acquire a deeperunderstanding of the material, score higher on exams, and are less likely to failor drop out.

      Active learning is a pedagogical structure whereby a teacher presents a problem to a group of students and has them (usually in smaller groups) collectively work on the solutions together. By talking and arguing amongst themselves they actively learn together not only how to approach problems, but to come up with their own solutions. Teachers can then show the correct answer, discuss why it was right and explain how the alternate approaches may have gone wrong. Research indicates that this approach helps provide a deeper understanding of the materials presented this way, that students score higher on exams and are less likely to either fail or drop out of these courses.

      Active learning sounds very similar to the sorts of approaches found in flipped classrooms. Is the overlap between the two approaches the same, or are there parts of the Venn diagrams of the two that differ, and, if so, how do they differ? Which portions are more beneficial?

      Does this sort of active learning approach also help to guard against "group think" as the result of comparing solutions from various groups? How might this be applied to democracy? Would separate versions of committees that then convene to compare notes and come up with solutions improve the quality of solutions?

  3. Nov 2019
    1. Many teachers on different committees have shared ideas,

      seeing both support and people not liking the steering committee approach.

  4. Apr 2016
    1. They have an obligation to develop and maintain competence and effectiveness within their area of expertise, to conscientiously prepare and organize their subjec

      Obligation to develop and maintain competence.

    2. VotingFour (4) persons selected through procedures established by the Faculty Council and approved by the General Faculties Council. The procedures shall provide for a system of alternates. Alternates shall replace regular members whose schedules would cause unreasonable delay in a committee’s proceedings or who would have a conflict of interest

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