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  1. Jan 2023
    1. There is no such method in ruby, but you can easily define it like: def my_strip(string, chars) chars = Regexp.escape(chars) string.gsub(/\A[#{chars}]+|[#{chars}]+\z/, "") end
  2. Sep 2020
  3. Jun 2020
    1. What would be nice is if JavaScript had a built-in way to do what I can do in Ruby with:

      > I18n.interpolate('Hi, %{name}', name: 'Fred')
      => "Hi, Fred"

      But to be fair, I18n comes from i18n library, so JS could just as easily (and I'm sure does) have a library that does the same thing.

      Update: Actually, you can do this in plain Ruby (so why do we even need I18n.interpolate?):

      main > "Hi, %{name}" % {name: 'Fred'}
      => "Hi, Fred"
      main > ? String#%
      From: string.c (C Method):
      Owner: String
      Visibility: public
      Signature: %(arg1)
      Number of lines: 9
      Format---Uses str as a format specification, and returns the result
      of applying it to arg. If the format specification contains more than
      one substitution, then arg must be an Array or Hash
      containing the values to be substituted. See Kernel::sprintf for
      details of the format string.
         "%05d" % 123                              #=> "00123"
         "%-5s: %016x" % [ "ID", self.object_id ]  #=> "ID   : 00002b054ec93168"
         "foo = %{foo}" % { :foo => 'bar' }        #=> "foo = bar"

      I guess that built-in version is fine for simple cases. You only need to use I18n.translate if you need its more advanced features like I18n.config.missing_interpolation_argument_handler.

  4. May 2020
    1. I want my Page Translator extension to be made irrelevant by Firefox having built-in language translation, like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It is a critical feature used by millions of people daily. It bridged a feature gap. Mozilla killing this add-on without replacing it hurts users.
  5. Mar 2017
    1. Unlike existing bookstores, the Publisher receives full aggregated information about the instructor who assigned the publication, the students who purchased a copy, what students liked the about the book, which parts they spent the most time on, and which points the author made they found confusing (all of course as allowed by university policies and governing law). This information may be useful to sales reps in apportioning credit, to your marketing department to tune advertising, and to editors and authors to improve subsequent editions and to choose new titles.


    2. Sales reps greatly increase their income by selling the same book through Perusall.

      Basically marketing added functionality.

    3. PDF

      Not EPUB?

    4. Perusall automatically suggests grades for these annotations to the instructor, detects when students do not engage portions of the material, and gives students well-timed nudges that get them back on track -- all without extra effort on the part of the instructor.

      Neat and scary.

    5. prepared

      Focusing on preparation probably is a good sell for profs, but kind of patronizing to students.

    6. Persuall generates more revenue and less cost for publishers without increasing the price to students (and without charging instructors).

      Publishers pay Peruseall.

    7. no cost to the students to use Perusall with a textbook, beyond the cost of the book itself.

      So what's the business model? A cut from the publisher for advertising/distribution basically?

    8. you can still upload your own documents and assign readings both from the book and from your own documents

      In Peruseall?

    9. catalog of available titles.

      Limited catalog.

    10. we'll work with the publisher

      Needs to be worked out with publishers.

    1. The team

      No engineers (listed).

    2. Order and assign textbooks

      So they are actually selling books packaged with annotation or "order" as in organize?

    3. Turn solitary reading assignments into engaging collective activities

      hashtag social reading

  6. Sep 2016
  7. Jan 2014
    1. We also believed in market-based pay and would tell employees that it was smart to interview with competitors when they had the chance, in order to get a good sense of the market rate for their talent. Many HR people dislike it when employees talk to recruiters, but I always told employees to take the call, ask how much, and send me the number—it’s valuable information.