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  1. Mar 2022
    1. becoming a talent magnet will be challenging for many family businesses. Those that succeed will be rewarded with loyal and highly capable employees who are ready to help the business achieve its aspirations for growth and profitability.
  2. Nov 2021
  3. Feb 2021
    1. We’re actively looking to grow this team and would love to hear from you
  4. Jul 2020
  5. May 2019
    1. we process millions of transactions per day here and we really need someone with more relevant experience who can handle these things without ramping up
  6. Aug 2015
    1. Developers above the junior level, no matter their demographics, have a huge number of choices. It's rarely worth it to be The First. But now they're not! You've removed a significant barrier to hiring at the upper levels, by hiring first at the lower levels.

      Huge insight here.

  7. Jan 2014
    1. We also believed in market-based pay and would tell employees that it was smart to interview with competitors when they had the chance, in order to get a good sense of the market rate for their talent. Many HR people dislike it when employees talk to recruiters, but I always told employees to take the call, ask how much, and send me the number—it’s valuable information.