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  1. Apr 2022
  2. Jan 2021
    1. You guys interested in little nitpicky correction suggestions? If so, I have a few.

    1. I can hardly fault your English. It is actually very good. I take your statement as invitation for corrections. This (being corrected by others) was the most helpful when I came to live in this my country and had to learn English very quickly. Swim or Sink, I was told.
  3. Nov 2020
    1. sed 's/Unix/Linux' hello.txt > output.txt

      This should be:

      sed 's/Linux/Unix/' hello.txt > output.txt

      The image of the terminal is correct.

    2. sed 's/Unix/Linux' hello.txt

      This should be:

      sed 's/Unix/Linux/'

      The picture of the terminal is correct.

  4. Oct 2020
    1. Reporting by Dustin Volz, John Walcott, Mohammad Zargham and Eric Walsh in Washington, and Jessica Toonkel in New York; Writing by Susan Heavey and Eric Walsh; Editing by Frances Kerry and Peter Cooney

      wow lots of chefs in the kitchen on this one.

    1. UPDATE: https://www.darkreading.com/analytics/reporters-at-new-york-times-targeted-by-russian-hackers/d/d-id/1326705?

      • "A government source told the Times that the FBI was investigating the attempted attack on the Moscow bureau, but not any attack attempts on other media outlets."

      • "According to CNN, the Times declined comment on the investigation by the FBI and other US agencies that was cited by unnamed sources in the CNN story. CNN said the FBI also declined to comment."

    2. Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy said the company had seen "no evidence" that any breaches had occurred of the Times's internal systems. CNN's report didn't say that the Times internal systems were breached, but that reporters were targeted.

      Okay so no evidence is the companies stance.

      Is this the correction paragraph? The paragraph is two sentences with CNN correcting itself.

    3. Updated 10:42 PM ET, Tue August 23, 2016
  5. Aug 2020
  6. Sep 2019
    1. “It’s pretty easy to decarbonise,” says Adams. “We’re just not doing it fast enough right now.”

      Oh wow, without the rest of the sentence, this sounds really out of context.

      It's HARD to decarbonise in general (steel, shipping, aviation for example are all really tough) but tech by comparison has it easy.

      Cloud and IT services are much simpler to decarbonise than the other sectors, partly because our experience of a site doesn't really change depending whether it's running on green power or not.

  7. Aug 2019
    1. If your comment is about a typo, problem with the website or anything else, please use our contact form.

      First time I've seen users directed to use a separate channel than the main comments area for notifying about typos. Good idea.