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  1. Aug 2021
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    1. Still, there’s plenty of hope for transit, because only 9 percent of surveyed riders abandoned transit all together. “While people are taking transit less often, they’re not completely cutting transit out of their lives,” says Mary Buchanan, a TransitCenter researcher. “They’re hanging onto transit for every now and then.”That might mean there is an opportunity to convince those riders to get back on the bus or train or light-rail car. Survey respondents who reduced their transit use said their number one transit wish is more frequent service, followed by safer, and then more predictable, trips.Making that happen is no small order, but some places have pulled it off. Seattle, for example, plans to invest $53 billion in light rail, and in 2014 the city passed a 0.1 percent sales tax to support its bus system. Its ridership (and particularly bus ridership!) is up. Oh, and traffic is down. And the TransitCenter survey respondents in Seattle cited improvements as a reason they took transit more often.It’s elementary, really: Cities just need to build systems where riding the bus is more relaxing and convenient than hopping in your car.


  4. Oct 2013
    1. Enthymemes, genuine and apparent, have now been described; the next subject is their Refutation.

      (Aristotle's Rhetoric: Book II - Chapter 25) Proper form of rebuttals, counter-arguments, counter-syllogism, etc