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  1. Feb 2024
    1. mike, its cute how you voice your "pro life" idealism. but this is the depopulation agenda in full force, and you will do shit to stop it, because this comes from the elite (military, secret service, corporations, banks), and this has been overdue for at least 200 years. just look at the data. look at the population curve. its exponential growth since about 10K years, aka "explosion". so now matter how you put it, there is no good end to exponential growth: either we keep letting it grow until we collapse and 99% would starve. or we get active, ignore such cute "pro life" idealism voices, and kill the 95% useless eaters. this is just another intelligence test, and most people are failing, again.

    1. Es wird noch schlimmer 😢

      jepp, "es" hört erst dann auf, wenn gebot 1 erfüllt ist: depopulation auf 500 millionen global

    1. stell dir vor, die elite führt krieg gegen die 95% useless eaters,<br /> und du gehst immer noch legal arbeiten...

  2. Jan 2024
    1. beckamp? das hier ist kein gegner für dich. die kann nicht offen reden, weil sie kriminelle schützt.<br /> wenn du einen besseren gegner suchst, dann lass uns reden.<br /> ich kann zu 100% transparent die politik der elite vertreten, quasi als teufels-advokat.<br /> das erste ziel der elite ist nach wie vor: depopulation auf 500 millionen global, also 5% von heute

    1. 15:00 könnte der generalstreik am 8.1.2024 eine wende einleiten?<br /> hahahahhahahaha, nein.<br /> du glaubst ernsthaft, das system rechnet nicht mit "widerstand"?<br /> die haben alle variationen durch-simuliert, und haben für jedes problem eine lösung.<br /> der "plan Z" sind atombomben, weil das erste gebot (depopulation) ist absolut.<br /> vorher werden die noch die migrantifa bewaffnen und auf euch hetzen...<br /> und vorräte haben die sowieso für jahre, also die brauchen keine bauern / züge / LKW.<br /> also unterschicht und mittelschicht werden "bluten", egal wie dus drehst.<br /> das grundproblem ist die globale übervölkerung, "flatten the curve" heisst: die übervölkerung muss weg. erst dann gibt es ein "back to normal", eine "wende".

  3. Dec 2023
  4. Nov 2023
    1. gut gebrüllt, da können wir "realisten" uns wieder schlau fühlen...<br /> diese psychologische kriegsführung ist einerseits ein mittel zur kontrolle von nützliche idioten,<br /> aber vor allem ein pseudoproblem, eine große ablenkung davon,<br /> dass wir von oben ausgeraubt, eingesperrt, und letztendlich ausgerottet werden (depopulation)

    1. haha, china and russia and friends are shitting all over your "scientific models".<br /> the ONLY problem is "too many humans", aka overpopulation, caused by pacifism.<br /> these "save the world" policies are collective suicide for the 95% useless eaters. byee!

    1. overpopulation is just another intelligence test, and most people are failing, again.<br /> the problem is pacifism, the solution is permanent tribal warfare and legal serial murder.<br /> but first there is depopulation, killing 95% of today's population. fucking useless eaters... byye! no one will miss you.

      Delete The Garbage. World Cure. RD9 Virus. The Brothers Grimsby 2016<br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGG0Nq3BwqQ

    1. all these attacks on poor people are just symptoms of pacifism and overpopulation.<br /> pacifism has only replaced serial murder with hidden warfare. what a stupid waste of energy...

  5. Oct 2023
    1. Thank you. Steve, for raising the alarm on this catastrophe! One minor comment. It should be QC'ed, not QA'ed. Quality control is done first. Quality Assurance (QA) comes after QC. QA is basically checking the calculations and the test results in the batch records. I worked in QC and QA for big pharma for decades. I tried to warn people in early 2021 that there's no way the quality control testing could be done at warp speed. Nobody listened to me despite my decades of experience in big pharma!

      "warp speed" sounds fancy, plus "its an emergency, we have no time"...

      it really was just an intelligence test, a global-scale exploit of trust in authorities. (and lets be honest, stupid people deserve to die.)

      problem is, they (elites, military, industry) seem to go for actual forced vaccinations, which would be an escalation from psychological warfare to actual warfare against the 95% "useless eaters".

      personally, i would prefer if they would globally legalize serial murder and assault rifles, then "we the people" would solve the overpopulation. (because: serial murder is the only alternative to mass murder.) but they are scared that we would also kill the wrong people (their servants because they are evil or stupid). (anyone crying about depopulation should suggest better solutions. denying overpopulation is just another failed intelligence test.)

    1. blah. das ziel der elite ist depopulation auf 5%. wie genau die 95% sterben ist egal, aktuell probieren sie es mit der gesundheitsdiktatur. wer keinen bock hat auf gesundheitsdiktatur, der soll einen besseren weg vorschlagen, wie wir die 95% loswerden.

  6. Jul 2022
    1. The authors argue that the Europeans accidentally triggered the Little Ice Age by marching into Mexico and South America with guns, germs, and steel — especially germs. Diseases like smallpox and measles travelled on Indigenous trade routes far ahead of the Spanish and Portuguese. In the century after the conquest of Mexico, Lewis and Maslin claim, 50 million Indigenous people died of disease or slavery. In that truly genocidal century, farming civilizations collapsed from Brazil to North America. The survivors left the cities and temples they’d built and reverted to village-level farming. Forest and jungle took over the old empires before the Iberians rode in to take over the villages. Lewis and Maslin argue that as forests reoccupied the farmlands that had fed 50 million people, they absorbed enough carbon dioxide to trigger the Little Ice Age. Antarctic ice cores show a drop in global carbon dioxide starting in 1520 that did not begin to rise again until 1610.

      Hamilton et al. argue that there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that depopulation-afforestation dynamics resulted in historical afforestation in these habitats in the Neotropics.<br /> https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nature.com%2Farticles%2Fs41559-021-01474-4&group=world