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  1. Jan 2024
    1. Please gentlemen, do not argue! I think we have to bear in mind that words sometimes can be deceitful and that is why we have to be very careful when using them in order to avoid misinterpretations. Thank you maljo for being such a gentleman! And you, eddiemel7778, is it alright if I ask you to choose a little better your words in order not to sound so "aggressive"?
  2. Nov 2023
    1. I stand by what I said and I do not believe it is off-topic. Nevertheless, I realize it is your forum and if you want to silence and exclude people because something we say does not fit in your worldview, then I am certainly willing to accept this and remove myself from the forum. In the big picture, I will not be shut up or bullied and I think you owe me an apology as nothing I have said or done warrants your actions.
    1. Posted byu/[deleted]3 years agoArchivedHow do you politely tell someone they’re breathing heavily into their microphone?

      This is a problem with one new participant of a session I take part in regularly. I have been too polite to say anything, but the breathing is constant and loud. I am sure everyone is annoyed but no-one wants to be the bad guy. I wish the meeting's host would do everyone a favor and say something or mute the offender, thus creating a less distracting environment for all.

      When people aren't aware of basic mic etiquette and don't develop the habit of turning off their mic except when talking, this happens. Reminding people to turn off mic or enforcing it is in my opinion squarely the host's responsibility.

      I think those who participate in online meetings (this means many of us) should develop greater self-awareness and learn proper online etiquette.

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  7. Apr 2021
    1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Rude, dismissive or diminishing comments are NOT ALLOWED and will be removed. If you cannot treat everyone with kindness and respect, this is not the place for you. Please see http://conduct.rahdo.com​ for more. Thank you!
  8. Mar 2021
    1. READ the EDIT on the OP before making snide comments. Also, if you get “like a hundred of these a day” maybe somebody should clearly, I said CLEARLY, label the subreddit as employees only. This vitriol for accidentally wandering into a subreddit that would, to most thinking people, appear to be for customers AND employees to discuss the store is ridiculous.BTW, I’ll take everything I’ve said back and apologize and even make a post calling myself an illiterate imbecile if somebody can point me to where it CLEARLY says “employees only” in either the sidebar, subreddit rules, or the post list. The sticky doesn’t count, it is not worded clearly, it just reads as if you don’t want complaints, not “no customers”.
  9. Jan 2021
    1. · It's short. You have enough time to play it through and then ask for refund. Reason for not doing so: I beg you not.
  10. Oct 2020
    1. Please don't copy answers to multiple questions; this is the same as your answer to a similar question

      Why on earth not? There's nothing wrong with reusing the same answer if it can work for multiple questions. That's called being efficient. It would be stupid to write a new answer from scratch when you already have one that can work very well and fits the question very well.

  11. Sep 2020
  12. Aug 2020
    1. I used to be a staunch defender of proper reply styles, even for casual emails. Insert your replies below the relevant paragraph and trim the exchange to be just about the matters of discussion.
  13. Jul 2020
  14. Mar 2020
    1. Before posting your question to a discussion board, check if anyone has asked it already and received a reply. Just as you wouldn’t repeat a topic of discussion right after it happened in real life, don’t do that in discussion boards either.

      Read everyone else's post before posting your own question.

      Stay on topic, don't post irrelevant links, comments thoughts or pictures. Don't type in leetspeak, abbreviations, ALL CAPS, etc.

      Be polite, say please and thank you when soliciting help from your classmates.

      Respect the opinions of your classmates if you disagree. Acknowledge valid points and understand others are entitled to have their own perspective on the issue.

      Be brief when posting in the discussion boards.

      Try and quote what your classmate said if you are referring to something specific. Give them credit.

      Be forgiving of your classmates, they are learning and they too make mistakes.

      Run a spelling or grammar check before posting anything to the discussion board. I'd recommend Grammar.ly.

      Compose your discussion board post in a word or google document and then copy and paste it (save your responses for posterity).

    1. Netiquette Tips

      You will be asked to participate in online discussions and engage with your peers. You should adhere to the following general guidelines (on top of any specific assignment instructions):

      • Use proper language
      • Be precise
      • Avoid emoticons or "leetspeak".
      • Be explanatory. Justify your opinion.
      • Read all comments before hitting submit.
      • Recognize and respect diversity.
      • Tone down your language
      • Control your temper
      • Take your post seriously.
      • Be credible, use sources.
  15. Jan 2016
    1. One thing that irritates me more than anything is the expectation people have to other people’s time, specifically open source project maintainers. They are not your tech support. They built a product you are using for free. You’re welcome.

      I think the vast majority of open source users don't need to be told this. But it only takes a few jerks to regularly annoy someone.

      Chris Patti added a good point. Even if you can't donate, you can send short thank-you emails. That should include anyone who makes something you find helpful or entertaining, whether it's software, open access books, MOOCs, tutorials, a blog, webcomics, videos, etc.