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  1. Jun 2021
    1. Mike: I was almost there, and my AIMS... Everything I passed it except for the math. I passed all my AIMS exams. You know the test that you take at the end of the year, Stanford or AIMS or whatever they are?Anne: Yeah.Mike: I passed all of them except for my math. My senior year I actually passed it, but I didn't graduate. I just would go to school, literally eat lunch, just get out. It got boring for me and I was really good. I should have never started.Mike: I remember I was taking Japanese, I was taking English, social studies, a bunch of extra stuff just to try to advance my knowledge and stuff, but I don't know. Once you don't get that motivation and wants to stop, it sucks.

      Time in the US, School, High School, Struggling/ Suspension/ Dropping out

  2. May 2021
  3. May 2020
    1. ""Long before the pandemic, I had reduced the value of midterms and final exams to 30% of the grade in an online versions of a science course, with formative quizzing, discussion fora, short writing assignments, exam-style essay questions and a one or more short (2-6 page) essays making up 70%. The only difference between this and a blended version of the course was that online discussion fora were reduced to a no credit chat function, and that classroom discussions were prompted by clicker questions and a few collaborative short writing assignments on index cards. I even gave credit small credit for for bringing in questions at the start of class that led to students engaging with each other at the start of class. I gave online formative objective quizzes and at least a few summative exams online in both versions of the class. To minimize cheating, online quiz and exam questions chosen were pulled from topic-specific question banks and then randomized by the LMS; even the responses to MC questions were randomized where possible. To maximize learning and reduce stress, I timed the assessments to allow at lest 2 minutes per questions and explicitly told students that he quizzes and exams were open book and collaborative; also, students could take the quizzes twice and get the higher of the scores. I usually gave the final exam in class, in which case the only stress-reducers were a 10%-of-grade valuation and 2 minutes per question (essay questions had already been done online). In all cases, students needing extra time got it.

      I am retired and was not forced by COVID-19 to teach online. I'd like to think that my colleagues will undertake deliberate course redesign during quieter times, just for pedagogic reasons. Those of us who enjoy F2F teaching (I, for one) will then be prepared to move their classes online as an expedient and not a jaw-dropping challenge during a future grand disruption of life... even including 'timed exams'""

  4. Nov 2019
    1. 2018 final exam with suggested answer guidelines

      I just put this up ... last year's final exam with suggested answer guidelines

  5. Jun 2016
    1. n addition, we examined whether there were differences in reactions to grades for papers versus exams. The two-way interactions between goals and type of feedback and the three-way interactions among goals, types of feedback, and grades were tested. Neither the main effects nor the interaction terms were significant, and including these terms did not alter the results for goals and goal interaction term

      Motivation issues do not vary whether you are talking about exams or papers.