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  1. Jun 2023
    1. How has your life been blessed by living the Gospel and how has it sanctified you?

      Hey Naomi! I must say your insights and reminders here are powerful!

      To address your question, I really do believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of good news. While we learn from the scriptures that the gospel is the gospel of repentance ("teach nothing but repentance" - Doctrine and Covenants 6:9, 11:9) , it essentially just means that we focus on preaching the gospel "which is the gospel of repentance and salvation through the mercy, grace and merits of the Lord Jesus Christ." That is good news: that there is salvation, mercy and grace for all mankind!

      • Lately, I feel that I've been surrounded by numerous deaths and illnesses in past two years. Grief has really taught me the impermanence of everything in our fallen world. But the more prominent feeling I've been getting is how lovely it is that I possess the knowledge of the plan of salvation. It brings me great comfort our parting in this life is not the end. This mortality is only a fleeting moment in our eternal lives.

      This is Elder Hugo Montoya in his talk, The Eternal Principle of Love:

      On the third day He was resurrected. The tomb is empty; He stands at the right hand of His Father. They hope we will choose to keep our covenants and return to Their presence. This second estate is not our final estate; we do not belong to this earthly home, but rather we are eternal beings living temporary experiences.

      • Another thing the gospel of Jesus Christ has taught me is that our time here on Earth is to become the person who we will become for eternity. When we meet Jesus Christ in His second coming and face the final judgment, the essence of who we are in that moment will shape our eternal existence. This understanding holds immense power in that each day the Lord gives me another chance to live and be with my family, I choose to improve upon myself, to surpass the person I was yesterday, so that one day, I may reach a state of self-acceptance, forgiveness for my flaws, love for all my cherished ones in the manner that Jesus loves them, and a deep sense of peace and comfort in the presence of my Heavenly Father.
  2. Nov 2022
  3. Jul 2022
    1. To return to information overload: this means treating your "to read" pile like a river (a stream that flows past you, and from which you pluck a few choice items, here and there) instead of a bucket (which demands that you empty it). After all, you presumably don't feel overwhelmed by all the unread books in the British Library – and not because there aren't an overwhelming number of them, but because it never occurred to you that it might be your job to get through them all.

    1. by the way this um uh this is talking to me at the at a more 00:32:02 large level or more personal level uh because it does change my my sense of being in the world and one way in which it does is uh um 00:32:15 is is precisely because it it uh it changes my understanding of myself of the self and and and and the relational aspect between what i am and and the rest of the world and what i am and and 00:32:28 the other beings living beings sentient beings around around me somehow um uh 00:32:38 it it suddenly uh takes away a little bit of the anguish that change impermanence causes 00:32:54 or produces by um by making me think that there is no permanent me 00:33:07 who is a threatened by impermanence um and it uh it pushes uh myself and interpreting myself as as 00:33:20 a part of a network in which i am produced by the interaction with the others and it resonates with my larger uh uh pre-existing western 00:33:34 uh political uh ideas that any uh interpretation of our human and social life in terms of uh 00:33:45 you know competition and maximizing our own good of the good of our own nation or the good of our own people um against the other uh it's badly misleading for ourselves 00:33:59 and for for everybody at a number of a number of levels so there is a interdependence of of the reading of social human relations which goes 00:34:14 together with this deep interdependence separated but it's it's a it it resonates i want to say that because i must say i'm not totally deaf to 00:34:26 the compassion side and the larger side of the story

      If my "self" is impermanent, this is another way of saying I realize I am an interdependent process and NOT a fixed, static thing. Not human INTERbeing but human INTERbeCOMing

  4. Nov 2020
    1. We increasingly believe it's important to keep information around for shorter periods of time. People want to know that what they share won't come back to hurt them later, and reducing the length of time their information is stored and accessible will help.

      In addition to a focus on privacy, Zuckerberg underlines a focus on impermanence — appeasing people's fears that their content will come back to haunt them.