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    1. Using multiple copies of a neuron in different places is the neural network equivalent of using functions. Because there is less to learn, the model learns more quickly and learns a better model. This technique – the technical name for it is ‘weight tying’ – is essential to the phenomenal results we’ve recently seen from deep learning.

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    1. Top 10 Tech News Of 2016 Technology is growing rapidly, daily new products, smartphones, updates, application are introducing in the market so it is very important for you to be updated with all the news and updates related technology. So read what is going on in the tech's world.

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    1. Forexample, in a 2–MW wind turbine, the weight of the rotorand the tower is typically about 250 tons [10]. As reportedbelow, a kite generator of the same rated power can beobtained using a 500–m2kite and cables 1000–m long, witha total weight of about 2 tons only.

      Is this a reasonable claim?