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  1. Oct 2023
    1. can't face this in his own time after the first edition which came out in 1781 it was obvious in no time that both friends and critics 00:02:50 systematically misunderstood what he was trying to convey
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        • Kant was misunderstood as soon as he published
  2. Mar 2023
    1. Psychological tests show that children of superior ability are very likely to be misunderstood in school.

      I think this is a good observation. Many students who have superior ability are interested in many different things. They can misunderstood because they operate differently than the majority of other kids who might be feeble-minded. I was reading that gifted students or superior students need a different learning environment that caters to their needs such as individual strength, interests, and pace of learning (Oak Crest Academy, 2023). Since superior children have different needs they can become misunderstood in schools. I think this is important to the history of psychology because everyone is different and everyone has different needs. There are many people who have probably been misunderstood because they were superiors.

  3. Jan 2022
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