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  1. Sep 2023
    1. A number of publishers were left high and dry with that announcement and several of us worked together through a broker *during the pandemic* to find a mill in Finland (!) to produce our paper.
    2. the number of *American* printers that can print large books has decreased by two—bankruptcies, both of them. In fact, there are only two firms remaining in the U.S. that both have the presses to print on thin (30# to 40#) paper *and* that can do sewn bindings of books of 1,200 pages or more.
  2. May 2023
  3. Jan 2023
  4. Oct 2021
    1. From paper to block and ink we are now learning about the printing press. The best invention at the time because you can create a news paper. And now printers are becoming obsolete and so is the news paper now a news paper is on line.

  5. May 2017
    1. How to print a house ‘Everybody's dream is you hit the button and boom, your house pops out’

      A new opportunity in construction: using 3-D printers to build dwellings