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    1. The Snowflake Method is more specific, but broadly similar to those who build out plot using index cards.

      As examples, see Dustin Lance Black and Benjamin Rowland.

      Link to - https://hypothes.is/a/043JIlv5Ee2_eMf1TTV7ig - https://hypothes.is/a/ibFMareUEe2bqSdWdE046g

    2. Ingermanson, Randy. “The Snowflake Method For Designing A Novel.” Advanced Fiction Writing, circa 2013. https://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/articles/snowflake-method/.

      Designing writing in ever more specific and increasing levels. Start with a logline, then a paragraph, then acts, etc.

      Roughly the advice I've given many over the years based on screenplay development experience, but with a clever name based on the Koch snowflake.

    3. you only have to solve a limited set of problems, and so you can write relatively fast.
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    1. 这样启动时不需要和 Zookeeper 通讯获取 Worker ID. 做到了完全的去中心化

      分布式网络内的 workerid 有些情况下是通过一个中心服务器分配的

      如果我们使用 mac 地址,或者其它机器自身唯一属性作为 workerid,则可实现去中心化

    2. snowflake生成的ID整体上按照时间自增排序,并且整个分布式系统内不会产生ID碰撞(由datacenter和workerId作区分),并且效率较高。这个算法单机每秒内理论上最多可以生成1000*(2^12),也就是400W的ID。

      41位毫秒时间戳 10位机器编号 12位毫秒内序列号

      单机 12位毫秒序列号 1 毫秒内最多生成 2^12 = 4096 个

      单机 1 秒内最多生成 409.6w 个