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  1. Nov 2022
    1. PDF summary by Cochrane for planning a meta-analysis at the protocol stage. Gives guidance on how to anticipate & deal with various types of heterogeneity (clinical, methodological , & statistical). Link to paper

      Covers - ways to assess heterogeneity - courses of action if substantial heterogeneity is found - methods to examine the influence of effect modifiers (either to explore heterogeneity or because there's good reason to suggest specific features of participants/interventions/study types will influence effects of the intervention. - methods include subgroup analyses & meta-regression

  2. Aug 2022
    1. There are two main families of quantum algo-rithms that are relevant to the current discussion:subgroup-finding algorithms, and amplitude ampli-fication

      subgroup-finding alg amplitud alg



  3. Apr 2020